Member Policies

Hi Everyone,

With every community, group, congregation of people, there are bound to be some guidelines, some framework of operation/conduct.

Do you need to read this?

Well not necessarily since you would already be aware of most of this. And being a nice guy/girl is enough for you to be a part of this community, since it is ( will be ) open and welcome to all.

Though we aim to be as liberal and as free a community as we are as individuals, however we would like to ensure that like minded people are encouraged, and differently abled people ( with stuck up attitudes and opinions ) are tended to with caring hands of love.

However for the one's who still don't get it, and would still like to remain adamant on their philosophies and beliefs, here are some guidelines that you are expected/required to abide by.

Be polite

No personal snide remarks, rants, comments on any entity, be it an individual, member, or a community. Whether in this community, or somewhere else.

Comments in good humor and taste are acceptable, however if the Raid Leaders feel that its against someone/hurting someone's sentiments, it will be edited/deleted. We are here to have a good time and grow, not to get into hassles.

Be humble and stay away from fights

Don't get into name calling, flamewar instigation, and in general commenting on the other person's IQ, abilities and level of information absorption.

RAID101 has been conceived / developed to allow people from all walks of life. No one is a guru here, and no one is a noob. We as a community need to promote/develop healthy relationships. These reflect our own image, and our learning from our families/elders. Please maintain this, as your actions will directly reflect on your image/respect.

No piracy/Illegal activities

The regular rule about illegal activities, stolen material, plagiarism, and copy pasting stuff.

  • Yes, it will be deleted, and you will be made to do lines, or you will have to stand up with your hands over your head, or maybe even made to do sit-ups.
  • Please, be original ( like these guidelines ) , no one is going to think any lesser of you, if you do not have something suitable to share/comment. However copying from somewhere is not going to make you popular or respected, or win any prizes ( otherwise and in the contests that will happen ). Its a small world, this World Wide Web, and people are bound to find out where you sourced it from.
  • If sourced, please mention original source and give credit to the original creator.
  • Don't talk about illegal stuff on the Community, everyone has enough going on in their houses and on other sites.

Your content is yours

The stuff that you create/post/share will be your contribution to the Community.

All the stuff/information that you post here, will be the technical asset etc etc, however, we will not be using it anywhere, without giving you full and due credit for it. So you can rest easy that the information you share here, is ours ( technically ), but what use is that information, if we don't/cannot appreciate the member who gave it to us. So post away in abandon.

Feel free to feedback/comment

  • Please, do not hold a grudge in your head for anything. We hope to massage any and all egos and issues and resolve them as far as possible.
  • When it won't be satisfactory enough, we'll simply delete your thread and brush it aside ( Lol, no, just kidding ).
  • We will try to resolve it as far as possible, and acceptable to everyone. However please remember that with every community/congregation/collection, there will be a group of caretakers/leaders. We hope that there will be no conflicts/debates with the decisions made, and the decision made would be acceptable to all.
  • There will be scenarios where people will not be happy, however we cannot aim to please one and all. If one is part of the bigger picture, then these situations will never arise.

Spam/ Off Topic / Language

  • For all the Spammers out there, we have a dedicated spam section. Please feel free to use it, however we would like to maintain that spam remains in control. And it wont really be contributing much to the forum.
  • OT or Off Topic conversations in a thread will be tolerated ( We are really really nice people, see we told you ), however only upto a limit, where in the thread is not being sent off track. So bear in mind, or make a thread.
  • Language - Primary is English, However feel free to use Swahili, Cantonese, Thai, and anything else that you are comfortable with. As long as there is a translation attached in English.
  • SMS language is seriously for lazy bums, who don't feel like typing full words. So either be seen as a bum by everyone, or type proper language, like what you learnt in school.
  • Save your Keyboard, Don't stress out the "." and ":" and ")" and "p" keys. You know you do it.

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