Article 10 Reasons why your 4-5 year old mobile is better than your current smartphone

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Aug 24, 2014.

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    This started off as comparing my favorite phone, the Nokia E52, vs the current crop of phones hanging around in the household.

    1- Reliability -

    More and more smartphones are failing more frequently. It is a dual case of manufacturers controlling quality to reduce costs and also in some cases purposefully designing hardware to fail soon. This is to force buyers to upgrade soon and make repairs prohibitively expensive. . However one thing that your phone from yore ruled on was that it hardly never ever ever broke down, despite your heavy usage.

    2- Battery Life, Battery Life, Battery Life -

    Like Vidya Balan, only beefier. One thing that decides it for me, is the battery life of my phone, and how long can it last between charges. Many a decisions have been based on this for me especially. Your old phone would and still can easily out last your current phone by at least one day if not two. Yes you can get more done on your latest Social life phone, but crucially, you have that extra juice when you want to make that important phone call.
    (For those not familiar with the above reference, please watch "The Dirty Picture")

    3 - Has a keypad (generally), even Granny can use it -

    Some people will always be old school and the feel of typing on the good ol' keypad would not replace the haptic feedback of a touchscreen. It is like a membrane keyboard. No matter how good they get, they will never better or match the feel of a mechanical keyboard. Personally I like a keypad that I can feel, since I can walk and type without even having to look at the phone (Yep T9 still rocks).

    4- Can still run most apps -

    Albeit though not with the same speed, feel or experience. But it will still get your basic work done, post a tweet or check your Facebook messages or check your email. Most phones had support for 3G networks even before the network came to India. They can still function efficiently as a Modem for surfing the Internet or use in an emergency (hook up to your laptop). Oh and most can easily run WhatsApp, Nimbuzz messenger and the likes. :)

    5 - Reliable software -

    Unlike the current crop phones, that get updates multiple times in a year, these phones run a stable OS, that is so outdated now, that no one is developing it further. How is it a plus? No risk of data loss when one has to update the software. Moreover the OS then had to be more stable, since hard reset was a limited option.

    6 - Won't die while Navigating -

    Classic scenario that I face between my 'new' Smartphone and my 'old' N8 or any other phone that runs Maps (E5 for instance). Switch on location, Data, and search for a place. My new smartphone will barely make do for 30 minutes before draining most of my battery. And my trusty old rust bucket, will last 1.5 hours or more easily! And with integrated GPS, the navigation is as good, if not better.

    7 - Your location, search, privacy is maintained -

    Before Cell phone manufacturers thought it was cool to track their device owners and users, most phones had little or no tracking,feedback, sharing information with the manufacturer. Your device felt like your own, and you had a right to everything that ran in the foreground or in the background. This is one USP, that no current phone manufacturer or OS can guarantee or give in writing.

    8 - Sleek, Slim and lighter than your current 'smartphone'

    A phone was always about ergonomics and about comfort. Today's phones range in various sizes and dimensions but they still outweigh phones of the 20XX era. Here's a dimension comparison from Phonearena -

    size comparision.jpg

    We started with massive phones in the 90s and swung to miniature phones around the year 2000 (T28, 8310 etc). And then we found the sweet spot. And lost it. Now we have phones in all sizes, but not one that's just right.

    9- Built like a Tank -

    Unlike today's phone that need a screen guard, a cover, protective this, protective that, sapphire glass, Gorilla glass etc etc, those phones were built to last. The damn thing would not break even if you dropped it on hard concrete. Try doing that with your precious S4 or Lumia. No siree.

    10 - The Charm -

    The ring tones and the color themes. The colorful body housings and the multi-color backlight. There was variety, people used to buy different phones to be unique. Now it's just everyone buying the most popular phone to be one of the crowd. Another step backward in individual expression :D

    Finally -

    11 - Old Phones are best at what they were intended for - a phone that primarily serves the purpose of voice communication & gives you little additional feature; Modern day phone...a phone that has just about anything & everything with a minimum priority to talk. Try talking on that bathroom tile in your hand.

    So rummage through your cupboard or storage, wipe the dust off that neglected device, charge it and see it bring a smile on your face, when it will still power up after being forgotten for so long.

    For my beloved E52. I'll find that one clean, original piece someday.
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    Oh Man how I am relieved to have broken my Smartphone.

    My life is so much better.

    Amount of puzzling looks I get when I use my cheap 20$ Nokia phone in public here is boggling.

    I just happen to prefer a disconnected life.
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    I don't even have my old phone, it was ?#@*&%!^$~ing lost at some point.
  4. Rockfella

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    Sheer battery life and simplicity.
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