2016 Toyota Fortuner - Spy Pics

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    Got these thru WhatsApp. Not sure, but I think a few are doing the rounds already.

    The new 2016 Toyota Fortuner marks a re-vamp in the highly successful Fortuner series. The vehicle has seen a few cosmetic upgrades, but nothing newer than that. Based on a HiLux Chassis, with a Land Cruiser derived engine, the Toyota Fortuner makes for a highly reliable and capable vehicle. I have driven both the Diesel 2.7 and the Petrol 4.0 V6.

    The interiors might be a bit rudimentary, but all of that is set to change with the new 2016 Fortuner. Styling cues are from the Lexus family, and the treatment has been carried on towards the inside as well. Well designed front and rear definitely identify this as a all new vehicle, probably similar to the Highlander, and lesser to the previous Fortuner.


    The high body line has been maintained in the newer variant as well. However the front is not as snub type as in the previous model. Also there is a noticeable kink aft of the C-Pillar.




    The rear is also inspired from the new Lexus NX SUV.



    Toyota does not have a habit of changing their drive trains, but one could expect a 6 speed Auto for a change perhaps. Engine lines ups should be 2 Diesel engines with a 2.4L and a 2.7 Litre producing 150 and 177 BHP respectively. For the Petrol variants, the 2.7 in-line 4 and the 4.0 V6 should top off the range.

    The 2.7 makes about 158 Bhp with a 4 speed auto, and the 4.0 V6 is 235 BHP with a 5 Speed Auto.


    The interiors are surely a huge improvement over the existing model, and this should add to the premium value of the Fortuner in markets like India and Thailand.


    Wait for the official un-veiling on the 16th of July - 2015

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