40,000 kms on the Nano

Discussion in 'T&AA - Travel and Anything Automotive' started by JD666, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. JD666

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    Took slightly longer than anticipated But the milestone has been reached.

    Dint really think it would last this long But this car continues to surprise me each day.

    In for a major service, all fluids being changed. The rear brakes are still good for another 20k kms. The front would've gone another 10k But changed to the new 2012 model shoes Which have slots cut in them for better braking.

    The Ac was a bit of a bother on my recent trip to Corbett, cutting out twice on the way.

    Getting the gas checked and topped up.

    Got the new model outer rear view mirror fitted on the driver's side. The mechs are working to figure out a way to fit it on the passenger door as well.

    Changed the door beading as a precaution on the front doors, since they had lost their spongyness and the doors had started with minor rattles over broken surfaces. The door lock latch has to be changed since the engaging mechanism has worn it out a bit.

    This was expected from this car since this was a chronic problem with M800 as well.

    The centre engine mount has gone slightly stiff, and I would like to replace it soon.

    Couldn't carry out the front anti roll bar installation today, since mount points for the brackets have to be fabricated.

    The front brake hose has to be changed as well to accommodate the roll bar So that is also on order currently.

    On the whole extremely satisfied for the money paid. But sadly I won't be able to buy a new car anytime soon since this is showing no signs of dying out on me.

    Onwards to 60,000 then.

    P. S - lemme know if any queries.
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    the service of the car was a great one.it hhas changed the character of the car completely. AC gas as of now seems to be fine.maybe if it gets hotter the gas might require recharging.cleaning of the AC filter has definetly helped the throw from the blower.good I was there to catch the engine mounting which must be changed soon as the rubber has already cracked.puttting the new 2012 suspension is a full day's job by itself but it will certainly create wonders for the car.

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