Aloo Chaat and Aloo Tikki Burger - the healthy way

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    After being away from the Motherland for so long, one does eventually start craving for the street food of India. And every region has its own special snack, that is an identifier for the place.

    In my recent cravings for Indian snacks, I had to had to have Aloo Chaat and Aloo Tikki Burger.

    Aloo chat is essentially deep fried potato pieces (in artery clogging, heart stopping un-refined oil) with tamrind sauce and Chaat Masala and lemon juice.

    Aloo tikki burger is an Indian take on the western burger. If they can come up with stuffing a fried meat patty between vegetables and two pieces of bread, we can do one better and deep fry the whole thing (bread included) and put Chaat masala on top. :D

    Anyhow, in my endeavor to watch what I eat and to avoid anything so healthy as mentioned above, I had to find an alternate. My alternates were baked Aloo Chaat and Baked Aloo Tikki Burgers.

    And this is how I went about it -

    First up the Aloo Chaat -

    What you need -

    - A basic understanding of cooking, else call your mum, sis, or friend who's self reliant and does not eat out every day like you.

    - 2-3 potatoes
    - Salt
    - Chaat masala (How can we forget this)
    - Chilli powder
    - Green chillies
    - Olive Oil - I use extra light
    - Tamrind - with seeds - about 50-100 gms
    - Lemon - 1 big or about 1 Tablespoon of Juice.
    - An oven
    - Necessary equipment to clean/wash and prepare.

    Preparation -

    1 - Wash the potatoes well. And I mean really well. What I do, is take a new utensil scrubber and use the rough side (the green one generally) to scrub the potatoes really well. This removes all muck and makes the skin really thin. So you don't really have to peel them even.

    2 - Cut the potatoes into small 1/2 inch sizes. Well Chaat sized pieces. Just do remember that they will shrink slightly in size, so cut accordingly.

    3 - Once cut, put all the pieces in a big mixing bowl. This will make it easier to mix + no spillage = Happy wife.

    4 - Put about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and chilli powder. Mix well. If you want you can add green chillies (finely chopped) also, but then during baking they might turn bitter.

    5 - Once ready, just lightly grease an aluminum foil with olive oil and spread the pieces on it. Set temperature to about 220 degrees C. Should look something like this -


    Note - Use both burners/grills - Top and bottom.

    6 - Once done, they should look like this -


    7 - Transfer to the same bowl and add Tamrind sauce + Chaat Masala + Lemon juice.

    8 - Mix well and enjoy.

    The only tricky/messy bit for which adult help and supervision should be needed is the tamrind sauce bit. Soak the tamrind in hot water for about 20-30 minutes. You should see it dissolve gradually though not fully, and the water turning brown. Poking the tamrind with a fork also helps :D

    Once done, it's best to drain all the pulp by using a tea sieve and pressing the pulp against it. This will release the tangy tamrind sauce and remove the pulp.

    Next post. Aloo tikki burgers.
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    Forgot to add an image of the Chaat. -


    Finished in 5 minutes :D
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    1. Snack
    2. Easy
    3. Non-messy
    4. Quick
    5. Tasty

    I think I am in love ;)
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