Review Apple Watch - 42mm Space Grey - Sport

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Mar 5, 2016.

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    Yep, I got a smart watch. And even though I love the Gear S2, I would not buy a Samsung phone to use it (edit - I did).

    So for my monthly/bi-monthly momentary urge to splurge, I picked up an Apple watch. First up some pics, and now that I've used it for about 5 weeks, I can give an honest opinion about the device.


    The box that the Apple watch comes in, weighs in at a hefty 850 gms! Yep. It's huge, well built like the iPhone box, but a tad overkill for something aiming to be compact.


    Specs on the back, about the metal used, the glass (ion-X) Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, NFC etc.


    The plastic container inside the cardboard container.


    Designed in California, manufactured on the opposite side of the planet.


    Pull tab to remove plastic shroud


    Open container and reveal watch. Voila


    Something that always had me stumped. The strap and how to put the watch on. Now I know finally.

    By the way, notice the bend in the strap in graphics 1 and 2 (right strap). That becomes a permanent fixture of your strap once your start wearing the watch.


    The LED + IR sensor at the back. The LED's are quite bright. Surprisingly, this could be used as a torch, dunno why they didn't look into it :D


    The face after the reveal.


    That super black silicone strap. I love(d) it.


    The printing on the back that has a tendency to wear off after wear. You can see that the watch comes with the M/L strap fitted, and the S/M strap in the pull out.


    The metal of the watch is finished very well and exudes the pricey nature of the item.


    To be charged before first use.


    On the (hairy) wrist. Even though I have slim wrists, the 42MM does not look too bad. I like the slightly chunkier feel.


    I had a hard time deciding which strap to use (Small or the regular one). The thing is, once you select the hole you'd like to put the strap in, once you slide the strap under the other one it further reduces the diameter.

    This makes the watch go snug on your wrist. So you gotta try out a few combinations before deciding on the right one. The watch is not so light, that you can wear it loosely around the wrist (and if you are looking at tracking your heart rate, the watch needs to be slightly snug).


    Also included in the watch was a smartly designed 1A charger, and a 2M cable for the magnetic charger. A good touch, since the regular cables that come with the iPhone are simply not long enough.


    Some additional literature that helps you understand the watch quickly.

    Next up, my list of Pros and Cons after 5 weeks of usage -
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    Pros -

    - It gets noticed more than the bloody Rolex. Says enough about people and their tastes.

    - The calling feature is something that I have used actively while driving, shopping or just plain lazy to take phone out of pocket

    - The vibration is strong enough, so much so, that freaked me out a couple of times.

    - The touch to send design/tap/heartbeat is so so cute. Just waiting for the missus to change her mind and buy one as well ;)

    - You can browse images on your device

    - Some applications have dedicated Watch apps, which is good

    - Battery life lasts a whole day, just about. With calling and usage, I end the day on 20% or so. Will not go 2 days, for sure.

    - Charges quickly. Probably a charge from 25-100% would take about 30-45 minutes. 20 minutes and your good for an evening out, etc.

    - Controlling music on the iPhone, via the watch is a great experience.

    - The Camera feature needs improvement thought. All pictures that I took using the watch as a viewfinder and shutter controller, were out of focus.

    Cons -

    - It gets noticed more than the bloody Rolex. Says enough about people and their tastes.

    - Watch faces need development and more variety. They are interesting at first, but once you customize the details you want to see, get boring. They need new faces badly.

    - The touch system is not the most intuitive one. You'll have to get the hang to be comfortable.

    - A swipe and learn feature would be great. If I could just type responses by drawing the letters, instead of pre-programmable responses would be wonderful.

    - Like an iPhone you need to save it from bumps, nicks and scratches. Hence the market for covers and screen guards. Yes, for the Apple Watch.

    Other notes -

    - The silicone straps are not as dark as they used to be. After using it for over a month, they have gone shiny in places thanks to body oils and other fluids.

    - You have to be careful while washing hands, This needs to be perched as back as possible on the wrist.

    - The loudspeaker is just about loud for a conversation, but you'll have to be ?#@*&%!^$~ Tracy and speak to your cuff. Very handy in several situations.

    - Could the battery life have been better? Yes indeed. A bigger battery would really make this a trip/holiday item. I still carry a back up watch for when this might run out.

    - The power reserve mode does as intended, but I would've preferred an Analog option as well.

    - The strap has a permanent bend where the other strap slots in.

    - I had to buy a stand to charge the watch, since keeping it on the table was not the most ideal solution.

    - Carrying an extra cable is a bit of a hassle. If they can put the lighting port somehow, I would like to be able to charge it from my iPhone or iPhone charger directly.

    Has it helped me?

    In staying updated, yes. I pick up my phone lesser, and most notifications can be dismissed from the watch itself. I like the fact when my hands are busy/dirty, I can answer and make calls from the watch itself.

    Do I wear it everyday?

    Frankly no, it gets boring for me, and I probably wear it 4 out 7 days in a week. Otherwise it's the trusty Sistem51 and the Casio Solar that does duty.

    Would I recommend it?

    Only if the notes and Pros above make sense to you. As a wearable, smartwatches have one more generation of evolution to go thru.

    I would also recommend flipping the watch, and wearing the dial on the left side. I found it much easier to use and operate (with the thumb), rather than the regular way it's depicted in ads and videos.

    Like so -
  3. JD666

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    After further usage, these are my thoughts on the Apple Watch.

    - Not the most comfortable wearable out there. If you try the Gear S2, you'll know exactly what I mean. This does not fit as snug or comfortably as the Gear S2. There is a pronounced gap between the wrist and the back of the watch, thanks to the protruding sensor/magnetic charger.

    - Battery life is decent.

    - There aren't any exciting apps that you can use on the watch (for now). The most use I found was of Shazam to look up a song on the Radio while in the car, or check currency exchange rates.

    - The straps are not the most durable. The black silicone has started showing signs of wear. Few minor marks on the glass. The metal finish is holding up well.

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