Discussion Are users not entitled to a proper changelog for an app?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware and Software' started by JD666, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Or rather the title of my discussion should be - "Are we too dumb to understand what new changes and features have been brought about in the application that we are being asked to update?"

    I noticed this trend with the Facebook Application on iPhone. Then later I noticed that this wasn't just the Facebook Application, but also the Messenger application and others like Groupon and TripAdvisor etc.


    TripAdvisor -

    A standard "Thanks for using TripAdvisor! We bring updates to the App Store every 2 weeks. Every update of our App includes reliability and performance improvements"

    Groupon -


    Again a similar 'Thanks for using the Groupon app! Here at Groupon we strive to deliver the best deals to you by improving your experience every time we release a new version of our app. Our updates include many new features, improvements and bug fixes"

    What improvements? What bug fixes? Are they just finding ways to tweak their app to read more info about us, as if it already does not have enough?


    Facebook is no different either. Always the same statement. I checked previous versions as well (which iOS allows and for some reason Play Store does not), and it was all the same!

    "Thanks for using Facebook! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the app store every 2 weeks. You can update the app automatically (without checking back here) by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads and turning on Updates.

    Every update of our Facebook app includes improvements for speed and reliability. As other new features become available, we'll highlight those for you in the app.

    I mean, I understand a app designer's wet dream is to try and get you to update automatically, no questions asked. But is there no accountability? Are the creators and backers of these apps not responsible for sharing what changes they are making and what 'bugs' are being fixed?

    Another one of their apps, Messenger, is similar -


    "Thanks for using Messenger! We update the app around every two weeks so it continus to work great for you. We're also working on fun new features, and we're excited for you to try them out soon.

    Stuff like this is what makes keep notifications off, and logged out of these apps. I'd rather use a mobile site than endure all the pings and beeps.

    I checked Play Store. Didn't have many apps to update, but found the same for Groupon there as well -


    We have a few software guys on the forum. I ask you, is there no respite? or is this not a big deal? Shouldn't we know what changes are happening in a device that we own, though the app belongs to the dev?

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    As a programmer, I don't think the end-user needs to know what has been fixed or not, as a developer, it is my prerogative if I want to share that information or not.

    As an ethical programmer, I should at least mention any permission changes, security patches, privacy changes, but beyond that I don't think the end-user needs to know what has been fixed or not.

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