Review As seen on TV - 5 in 1 Air sofa

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Nov 10, 2013.

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  1. JD666

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    An absolutely impractical and uncomfortable item. Unless it's fully inflated it's of not real comfort to be honest.

    Got this when I was buying furniture for the apartment and wanted a temporary fix to seat guests.

    The badly photoshopped container -

    Air sofa.jpg

    The sofa, inflated - (There are 3 chambers that have to be inflated separately)

    air sofa 001.jpg

    To be honest, it is quite comfortable, but that's only when the air is full and its nice and bouncy.

    It can accommodate 2 people, and 3 would be risking a leak or worse an explosion of the seam.

    Here's a standard sized Lays Chips bag for size reference.

    air sofa 003.jpg

    Issues - The flap that connects the bottom base to the top is too long to accommodate the various options and positions/contortions it can be kept in. This creates for an extremely uncomfortable arrangement if you are planning to use it in any position, other than a flat bed or a sofa.

    Here's a pic explaining why when put in lounger mode -

    air sofa 005.jpg

    You can see the gap and the difference in angle.

    Moreover this causes -

    air sofa 004.jpg

    Mis-alignment of the 2 cushions like shown above, and -

    air sofa 006.jpg

    So All in all, I would rate this a 3/5. Its good for kids, and that's about it. Besides you'll have to keep sharp, pointy things away from it.

    The sofa does come with a pump to inflate/deflate which is extremely handy and fast. Works quite well as a leaf blower as well :D

    Good for -

    - Having fun, just lounging around, balcony, lawn etc

    Bad for -

    - Using as an actual alternate for sleeping, mattress or replacing a sofa/item of furniture in the house.
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    tempting thing to buy but after reading the cons its best to buy reliable furniture & good cushions from reliable brands

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