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    I was eyeing this, ever since I had spotted this at a Virgin Electronics store. However at that time this was nearly double the price (what I paid for it). The Atari Flashback 6 is the latest iteration in the Flashback series of Atari consoles, released in September 2015. It comes with 100 games pre-installed



    I have fond memories as a kid of playing on the Atari 2600 Home console. Games like Pit-Fall, Frogger, RiverRaid, Racing, Ping and what not. I remember chewing off the rubberized stalks on the joysticks and shovnig newspaper rolls under the connector to ensure it makes contact.

    Simple gaming, with a 4 way joystick and 1 action button. Depending on your game, that action button would respond accordingly.


    The Atari used to come in a heavy console that had toggle switches and a big slot to insert the game cartridge. I've spent several hours cleaning them, just so as to be able to play my favorite games. As a bored kid during summer holidays, this was probably the only time pass I could do, that I looked forward to, all day.

    This console though a reflection of the original, packs about a 100 games built-in, similar to that 10,000 in 1 cartridges we would get for 16 bit games.


    A securely packed console. The original console used to be bigger, and much heavier than this. They have kept some of the tradition alive by the grooves (which used to hide speakers in the original) The wooden finish that came in the original is mimicked by the stripe at the bottom.

    Here's an original Atari 2600 console image from wikipedia -



    The controller is faithful to the original, with the right texture, feel and response of the joystick. The button could've been slightly clicki-er but does the job decently.


    The big improvement is that the controllers are now wireless (IR). So you still need to point them at the receiver when playing.
    The "select" , "start" and reset buttons have been shifted to the controller, so that you don't have to go to your console every time to start or change a game.


    The IR LED.


    The underside houses the battery compartment (2xAAA cells each). Should last about 100-120 hrs of game play.


    The console is compact and lightweight. Definitely not as well built as the original Atari consoles. But it should do it's job. I do feel that to stay faithful to the design, they've just essentially put a big enclosure around a small PCB and buttons.


    The front houses the connectors for the controllers, if you have the old ones lying around. The middle also has the IR receiver for the wireless controllers.


    Connectivity is basic with a RCA Video and Mono Audio plug, wired to the console. There is no option for HDMI or changing the cable or anything of that sort. Fixed length cable.


    The original console came with the power supply built into it. So you would simply connect a power cord directly to the device. this comes with a 5V - 500 mA charger. This could actually be retrofitted to run off the USB power from the TV. Interesting.

    Also of note is the "SWANKY" power technology company name. Funny indeed.


    The instruction manual that came with the console.

    Next up, Powering up and hooking up to the TV. This might take a few days, since I'm still sorting out my AV center. Probably should have it running on Saturday. Until then enjoy these preview pictures!
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    This must be awesome, I never actually played on an Atari, but I can imagine remembering all the great memories when you play on this.

    I'll sometimes load up a PS1 emulator on my PC and play some old favorites like Pepsi Man, Tekken 3, Digimon for the kicks.
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