BA Plane makes emergency landing at Heathrow after Engine 'Fire'

Discussion in 'News & happenings' started by dbg, May 24, 2013.

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    'Hell'ish Plane ride.


    I looked out of the window and saw the cover of the engine blow off.... I saw the left engine in flames

    Eyewitness David Gallagher shared his experience - and his photos - of being on a BA flight that had an emergency landing in Heathrow.

    The northern runway at the airport remains closed after passengers heading for Oslo returned to London and were evacuated using the plane's escape ?#@*&%!^$~es.

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    Scary yes, but one needs to understand how safe flying is. Most aircrafts today can operate for several hours on one engine only .

    Where this poses a concern is during take off. Because maximum power is needed for an efficient roll(on the runway) and take off.

    In flight, an Aircraft can easily operate on one engine. The Engine will supply all the necessary power, hydraulics and thrust required.

    This is known as ETOPS rating (IIRC, Extended Time of Operation on Single Engine). Some Aircrafts are ETOPS certified to over 270 Minutes. That is, they can fly for over 4 hours on a single engine.

    The Aircraft in question was a 319, Belonging to the Airbus family. The Engines are most reliable, and such issues are not common.

    This calls for a detailed investigation and an understanding of what went wrong.

    BTW, just to understand how one small aircraft affects others, over 77 flights were cancelled out of LHR, and several others were delayed.

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