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    A lesser known Chinese company, Oukitel has been making a name for itself of sorts. This company is mainly involved in making entry-level Android devices, with whopping battery capacities. How big? Well their entry level device comes with 4000 mAH battery capacity(K4000 Lite). The next higher device has a 6000 mAh battery(K6000 Pro), and this, the Oukitel K10000, as the name suggests, has a 10,000 mAH battery.

    How good is it? Well people have reported upto Eleven Days of usage and more on a regular basis. With heavy data and GPS usage, you can still get 5 days or more. That is simply massive for someone out on a hike or road trip or heavily dependent on navigation etc.

    We'll discuss usage of such high battery life, in such mediocre hardware further on. Before that, here's a look and test of the device -


    The K10000 comes in a textured cardboard box with gold lettering on black. There is a slide out tray and the phone resides under a sheet of paper.


    The back of the device mentions some basic features, including the Power saving mode (doubt you'll ever need it), reverse charge (to charge other phones) and a 9V-2Amp fast charger.

    The Unparalleled new design refers to the use of steel in the construction of the device, rather than the market standard of Aluminum. This not only makes it stronger than most devices, but heavier as well.


    The device comes in a well spaced out packing. They could've made it smaller, but probably to show off the bulk and size of the device.

    On the left you have the SIM tray release pin, the High speed charger, the USB cable and the reverse USB cable (Micro to USB Female) for charging other devices.

    The device comes with an applied screen guard (you simply peel off the Number 2 protective layer) and a plastic case for the back.

    As a good thought, a spare screen guard is included as well.


    The High speed charger. I still have to charge the device, to check actual current transfer levels.


    The first thing that you feel when you lift this device is how heavy it is. Some sites mention the weight as 184 gms, but let me correct that. This device is heavy. It is over 300 Grams. Claimed by some websites to be 317 Gms.

    Well I measured it on my digital scale that reads upto 10 gm increments and this came in at 0.35 kgs or 350 Gms. Yep. that's double the weight of most 5.5 inch devices out there.


    The un-coated steel frame runs all around the device, and at the back, the panel tapers inwards to house the humongous battery. There are Allen type screws on all sides. I am yet to determine whether they are functional or cosmetic. Pretty sure the ones on the back are. The fine finish of the metal is commendable.

    The power button is a nicely rounded button, similar to the Sony Xperia series. The volume rockers are equally huge and easy to press. Feedback and response is much better than what my expectations were.


    The left side houses the SIM tray, and as seen on the right side, the Allen screws at the top and bottom, enhancing the rugged appeal of the device.

    The SIM tray supports Dual Micro SIM or Hybrid Micro SIM + MicroSD expandable.


    The top houses the 3.5 mm jack and that's about it. No noise cancellation Mic on this one, though online reviews suggest that call quality is decent.


    The bottom houses the mic (left side), the Dual Speaker grilles and the USB port. Again the steel frame protudes outward, like it does at the top.


    The back of the device is probably my least favorite, thanks to the unwanted Bull Logo and the cheap white printing of the logo on it. A simpler design would've gone a long way in giving it that rugged appeal that the front portrays so well.

    Housed at the top is the 13MP Camera Dual LED flash. Interesting bit to mention is, both LEDs are white, no True Tone LEDs here. When using the Torch, only the top LED illuminates. However while using the flash, both LEDs are used.

    The screen bezel is limited at the top and bottom. And goes pretty much till about 3mm from either edge.


    Surprisingly the device came with Android 6.0 out of the box, with 2 gigs of RAM, 16 GB ROM (11.8 GB available). The resolution is 720p, makes for 267 Pixels Per Inch. Not bad, and the 720P display massively helps the battery life. The caveat? It is a 24Bit display only. So some colors might not be as good as intended.

    Moving on, here's the device next to a S7 Edge, that packs a 5.5 inch display as well. This is purely for size indication, at how massive this device is.




    With dimensions of 157.4mm Height, 76.6mm Breadth, and 14mm Thickness, the Oukitel K10000 is more than a 1/2 inch thic.


    Surprisingly, the colors were quite good and crisp. The display can go really bright, and I used it mostly between half and lowest setting. The above was taken at 80% brightness.


    The K10000 features a floating quick access button like the iPhone. Not a bad feature, though I am to explore the options further.



    For a MediaTek 6735 64Bit Quad Core CPU clocked at 1Ghz, the K10000 is pretty nifty and responsive. I feel that no manufacturer apps and bloatware, plus the 2GB RAM play a crucial role in ensuring this.


    Free RAM is over 1300 MB, which does bode well for the device.

    Next up, benchmarks and the crucial Pokemon Go game!
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    Benching the device, I ran the usual Antutu and Geekbench tests.


    A 23286 score on Antutu pits this device at par with a Redmi 2 or a SnapDragon 410 offering.


    Geekbench was similar, ranking this alongside the Moto X (first Gen).

    This pretty much pegs the K10000 at an slightly higher than entry level Android device. Good for running basic applications, but not really for the heavy multi tasker or process intensive application.


    Speed test on 4G network also revealed no performance loss or drop. The speeds are what would be expected from any other device on the network.


    A Customary CPU-Z shot. The architecture is pretty dated, but that is not what this device is about.


    Here's a battery usage stat. I got the device with 59% of battery out of the box. Using the device normally, I am currently over 30 hours in, and the percentage has dropped by 10 to 49%. Which is unbelievable!

    Claimed standby by the company is 33, 55 and 77 days on 4G, 3G and 2G respectively. That's a month, slightly under two months, and slightly over 2.5 months!!


    Oukitel have put some features that involve gestures and enhance usability. I have not tried them, but sharing them here for information.



    The above is the Float gesture, where you can customize the selections.


    And something known as Smart somatosensory.


    And now for the most crucial aspect. Pokemon Go.

    I got the APK thru a friend and installed it. Load time is about 20 seconds, but everything works -


    Using the AR mode (Camera on) works as well. No issues, lag or stutter.


    Caught my first Pokemon as well.


    Surprised to see the free resource with the game in the background.

    If the battery hungry nature of the game is any indicator, the K10000 should last a day easily if you're that much into gaming. Two days or more can be expected easily. Or putting it into context, whatever life a mediocre device lasts on the game, this will multiply that 4 fold.

    Some points to clarify, which are misleading online.

    - Some reviews claim that the device has Gorilla Glass 4, which is not claimed by the company. They simply claim it is toughened glass.
    - The chassis can take a lot of knocks and bumps. However, I would not recommend that, since I have seen cases of glass breaking on some devices. With normal usage, it should be fine.

    Who should buy this/Why buy this?

    - Obviously not for the camera. I took a few shots, they are adequate. Low-Light shots surprised me though.
    - Battery life, Battery life and Battery life.
    - If you carry a portable battery pack, better get this.
    - Not only can this charge other phones, you have a spare phone in an emergency.
    - You can divide your usage between battery intensive and regular, every day requirements.
    - Good for navigation, games and other apps that utilize data, GPS data and other device features extensively.
    - A very handy device if you're traveling, camping or far from a power source to keep your device charged.

    Why not buy it?

    - For those looking at running intensive applications
    - For those planning to carry this in their pockets. Definitely does not fit there.
    - 10,000 mAH might be overkill for some people, but then in today's world, what isn't.

    All in all, I think this is a much better device to play Pokemon Go on, rather than frying the battery in your main phone. The constant charging/discharging, overheating is not doing your phone any good.

    This at about 185$, makes for a very suitable alternate, that you won't mind using. It'll take more than usual knocks and you don't have to keep looking for power points or battery packs to charge it.
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    Can't see the pokemon
    Excellent write up :)

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    Thank you. The Pokemon was humping something when I caught it. And then I realized that in this weather, I cannot really be bothered to go running around the neighborhood.

    Putting up this device for sale if anyone wants it.

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