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Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by coolcatric, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. coolcatric

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    My Blackberry 9300 3G is not working, the problem is that i am not able to charge it. Socket where you put your mini USB in the mobile phone has gone kaput. there is only a black hole there now, its ripped off the motherboard.

    So i am thinking to buy an External mini Blackberry battery charger & an extra battery. i have no issues in switching daily between batteries.

    Help me choose from the following -

    External charger for battery (C-S2) -

    Blackberry External Battery Charger 9000,9700 - price in India : Rediff Shopping

    Genuine BlackBerry External Battery Charger - C Series For 85xx/93xx

    OEM BlackBerry Mini External Battery Charger ASY-12738-001 - BlackBerry Curve 3G (9300 / 9330) Chargers

    Also, if you can provide with any other link, that will be just great.

    Also, which battery to buy from the following -

    blackberry 9300 battery | eBay

    Thanks again
  2. JD666

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    If you can get the OEM that would be great, else the one from Rediff won't be too bad either.

    For battery, buy a genuine battery from a blackberry store, do not pick up one from ebay.

    However, if your phone board still has the contact points present, any good cell phone repair guy should be able to re-solder a new port to the phone, and maybe charge you 100-200 rs for it. Did you get it checked???

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