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    Give a Chic: Handy Guide to Parisian Style

    Come February and I am brimming with happiness. Seriously, I just can’t contain myself. Reason…? It’s Fashion Week Month.

    Yeah baby! It’s one the most sought after months of year. Any of you who are remotely in love with fashion like me would know that Paris Spring/Summer 2015 Couture Week just wrapped up. So while I was hounding all the social media channels for glimpses and updates I realized something -Ok agreed we all hate the French, snobs, racists, whatever…but when it comes to Fashion no one does it quite like Parisian women. No wonder all major fashion brands head towards the proverbial Mecca for relevance. But how do they do it? Here’s your cheat sheet to the Parisian chic.

    1) Black & White: Parisian women are obsessed with black & white prints. Be it stripes or polka dots. If it’s black & white chances are it resonates with their sensibilities.


    Photo courtesy: Zara

    2) Black: Much like the women in New York, Parisian women also condone all black almost like a uniform. Since, they are known for their effortless chicness, black helps them achieve an elusive je nais se quoi.


    Photo courtesy: Anntaylor.com

    3) Androgynous: When it comes to stealing from your boyfriend’s closet, French women are experts like no other. Making menswear look super cool is all in a day’s work for these natural fashionistas.


    Photo courtesy: C'est Classique

    4) Minimalistic: Understated is the key to all Parisian fashion. You would not find glaring and ostentatious brand logos on any self respecting bonafide Parisian. For them less is truly more.


    Photo courtesy: Google images

    5) No in-betweeners: When it comes to shoes Parisians either go for sky-scraping stilettos or super comfortable flats like loafers, oxfords, moccasins or ballet flats. Kitten heels or mid-heels are stuff for safe playing Americans. A true fashionista is not a dabbler. She knows what she likes and sticks to it.


    Photo courtesy: 6pm.com

    6) Vintage: A very common mistake made by people is confusing all Parisian style with shiny, new and expensive designer labels. But the truth of the matter is Parisians worship vintage. Be it outwear, handbags or accessories, chances are if its Parisian it’s probably hand-me-down or store bought vintage .


    Photo courtesy: Whowhatwear.com

    7) Pop of color or unexpected twist: It is common knowledge that French women prefer black, nudes and grays as opposed to color but they can’t help but succumb to adding colorful and unexpected accents to their outfit. Like maybe a bold red lip or manicure even accessories for that matter.


    Photo courtesy: Atlantic-Pacific

    :cool: Accessorize: Styling your accessories to amp up the outfit to its full potential is a skill that Parisians live for. Seamlessly incorporating unusual accessories like an umbrella or a scarf used as a headband is something that comes naturally to them.


    Photo courtesy: Amlul.com

    9) Be you: Parisian women are totally comfortable in their own skin, they don’t feel insecure by their flaws rather they celebrate them because it is what makes them unique. So smile, curse, laugh, play, work do whatever gives you that unique charm that makes you, you.


    Photo courtesy: StyleScrapbook

    Until next time... Guys don't forget to direct your ladies to this article!


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    Totally getting black stuff, a lot of it.
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