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Discussion in 'RAIDers League' started by RedLippieGirl, Feb 8, 2015.

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    Anti-Valentine’s Day


    Sup chicas? Last year I was in Chicago for the entire winter. During the polar vortex? Yeah, what was I thinking? I know right??!! But the thing is I loved Chicago downtown in winters, they have the most polite people ever. So this was somewhere in mid- January while I was heading downtown and I am thinking, so Halloween gone, Thanksgiving gone, Christmas and New Years all done, too bad… Macy’s windows won’t be decorated anymore sad in a way. But to my surprise when I reached, there it was glaring at me in all its brutal glory. Giant hearts made out of red roses adorning the Macy’s windows. But it’s just mid-January how is this even possible?

    For the record, I hate Valentine’s Day. Also, I am not a Shiv Sena devout, but let’s be honest, it’s the most annoying holiday of the year. I am the girl who takes a pin and deflates the cheesy heart balloons when some idiot decorates my workstation without my permission. It’s not festive it’s just corny, sorry guys. And to girls who become red and pink clones of each other, not everyone can pull off red and pink!

    This holiday is created by greeting card and confectionery giants spreading obesity and depression all across. Why is a girl’s worth decided by the number of gifts or type of gifts she receives on Valentine’s Day? And trust me it’s always the ugly ones who are trying to lure you with best gift and plans. Because let’s face it otherwise they don’t have a shot. And the social media is just insufferable. Teenagers crapping your feed with Hug Day, Rose Day, Teddy Bear Day? For crying out loud all you should be focusing on is a Mental Health Day. Why are, we single ladies grossly ignored in all the hysteria? Why didn’t Hallmark create a card that says “Congratulations! You didn’t marry a cheating and lying dirt bag” screw a damn card I think anyone who dodged that bullet should be thrown a damn parade.

    Guys, you think it’s the single lady ranting? Boys have it the worst. I mean the pressure for your guys… Should I buy her candy and flowers or more? Where should the reservations be? Why has every place jacked up their price for this particular night? Why is any place decent already booked? Do I already have a default date because I’ve been casually hooking up with this person? Do I make the damn thing official? Do I break up? Will I come across as a cheap jerk who breaks up right before Valentine’s Day? And for all you guys, in a steady relationship the pressure to propose is mammoth like a dinosaur. Pheww…

    So here are my tips to escape the mass hysteria:

    1) Cut all the noise: social media, FM, TV etc

    2) Work from home if you have an option

    3) Call you single pals for an impromptu pajama party

    4) Go camping or rafting with your friends

    5) Family bowling day (treat your folks, be appreciative of them)

    6) A night out on town trolling

    7) Netflix (where available), a good book and nice glass of wine

    I know a lot of you will have strong reactions against this piece and a lot of you will resonate my thought process. I am interested what are your survival hacks? Post in comments down below.


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    This I like.

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