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    What to / not to wear on a first date

    Hello there, my first article for Raid101. RedLippie here. Hope you enjoy reading what I type!

    If you are an Indian girl chances are you are well aware of the fact that there are different types of first dates.

    There’s one that your aunt’s cousin’s daughter sets you on because the guy has a “green card” never mind the fact that the green card holder may be shady as hell and could be passed for a pimp in an oversized jersey. In such occasions in our hearts we secretly wish to pull a “Namaste London Katrina Kaif”. As much fun as it is to imagine good senses suggest otherwise. Anyway I am not here to give you a 101 on how to ditch that guy and run for the hills.

    On the contrary I am here to help your sartorial dilemma on the ones that give you butterfly in the stomach.

    1) Your office colleague that you’ve been shamelessly flirting off and on asks you to join for a drink later. I guess pulling off a Wonder Woman and running home for a change of clothes might suggest coming on too strong instead you want to be cool and casual about it instead style your office attire in a lot more laid back manner. You can start by half tucking your shirt and rolling up your sleeves. Pull your hair down and go for my personal favorite a fun red lipstick. Wearing your jacket like a cape is strictly optional as I know only a handful of people who do jackets in summers.


    Photo courtesy: What the Chung

    2) Now next up, is your friendly gym buddy who wants to catch up over the movies. Now be careful as this guy has only seen you in your sweats, now I understand the temptation of glamming up on him.
    Word to the wise: REFRAIN.

    Movies are not the place for it. That does not mean you need to be slob but it simply means you need to bring your casual chic self to the fore. Now you can either go for a fitted tee and skinny jeans or your favorite pair of shorts with a fun pair of sneakers or loafers. But if you have a fashion forward gene in your system I say go all out and experiment with overalls.


    Photo courtesy: Paige Denim

    3) Now comes, that hot guy who’s asked you to join him to an ultra trendy restaurant or party. Ladies now the time to doll up! Your options are limitless here from an itsy bitsy bodycon dress that will blow his mind off to a fun and flirty fit and flare dress to a flowy Greek goddess inspired maxi dress. Go for the one you are most comfortable with or the one you think suits your body best. While sky high stilettos may seem like a sensible option but if you are planning to dance the night away opt for a comfortable mid-heel. Makeup wise be wise, don’t overdo the smokey eye or glitter gloss. Remember to keep it fresh. Most of all remember to have fun.


    Photo courtesy: ACE/INFphoto.com

    Until next time.. (Maybe I'll write up something for the lonely guys here ;) )
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