Careful of what you say in front of your Samsung Smart TV

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    It is sharing that information with a third party, that analyses the data for tell-tale commands to be carried out.

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    The commands are then sent back to the TV via the internet for execution. Samsung does declare this information, but not everyone is aware of it. So Samsung is now warning its customers to be careful about what they share/speak in front of their TVs.

    From their privacy details -

    "If you enable Voice Recognition, you can interact with your Smart TV using your voice. To provide you the Voice Recognition feature, some voice commands may be transmitted (along with information about your device, including device identifiers) to a third-party service that converts speech to text or to the extent necessary to provide the Voice Recognition features to you. In addition, Samsung may collect and your device may capture voice commands and associated texts so that we can provide you with Voice Recognition features and evaluate and improve the features.

    Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.

    If you do not enable Voice Recognition, you will not be able to use interactive voice recognition features, although you may be able to control your TV using certain predefined voice commands. While Samsung will not collect your spoken word, Samsung may still collect associated texts and other usage data so that we can evaluate the performance of the feature and improve it.

    You may disable Voice Recognition data collection at any time by visiting the “settings” menu. However, this may prevent you from using all of the Voice Recognition features."

    Interesting? You bet. Apparently this was seen earlier with LG as well, with a Owner/User's information being transmitted to their servers even when explicitly it had been opted out from. LG was forced to release an update to resolve the issue.

    Source(s) -

    Privacy | Samsung UK

    BBC News - Not in front of the telly: Warning over 'listening' TV

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    Oh brilliant. So now TV is also spying on us. and TV users are not smartest of the lot
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    Very smart ....!

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