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Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by coolcatric, Sep 3, 2017.

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    Dear Fellas,

    Need your suggestions & inputs on having a CCTV setup for a residential premise, to be more specific it is farm-house of size 15,000 Sq Ft. in forest & mountainous terrain (In India). the house is located on corner of the plot & takes roughly 1200 Sq feet.

    Due to security reasons (possibility of theft), i can only install the cameras inside the house. Now, being my 1st time into journey of CCTV, will need your guidance on how to approach this situation.

    Few of the requirements are -

    1. Surveillance is required 24x7, with recording continuously.
    2. We will stay at this farm only over weekends, hence the live feed (& past recorded feed), must be accessible over internet.
    3. The construction is already done, hence need wireless cameras. I can only provide current to the camera from a nearby socket, no other cabling can be done.
    4. Motion detection alert (specially during night time).

    Few facilities which are available -

    1. I will install a SIM based router here, for internet connectivity.
    2. We have power backup, hence electricity should not be a problem.
    3. There are ample windows here, hence getting the complete angle of all surroundings should not be a problem.

    Other points:

    1. I do not want to spend too much on this setup, budget is 15K-20K INR.
    2. I believe 4-5 cameras (inside a house on windows) should be enough to cover the area.
    3. OR couple of 360 degree cameras (water proof) on the terrace installed at a height ?

    Inputs needed:

    1. Which all brands to consider & which model (keeping in mind the requirements i have) ?
    2. How the setup will happen ?
    3. In a scenario someone breaks inside the house & steals the cameras & NVR box (with HDD), how the recordings can be accesses for finding the culprits ?

    Please let me know if any more details required.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers !
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    A layout of the farm/construction would be a good indicator to understand the possible areas of coverage.

    As a minimum I would recommend Corner to Corner coverage, along with Intrusion protection sensors on Doors and Windows. A motion detector outside won't be as helpful as one inside.

    You could also add a bunch of fake cameras, but remember this, more the number of cameras around, more is the interest to investigate what is inside. Cutting the power directly would make an easy entry path for anyone. A back up is a good idea to begin with.

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