Chevrolet Trax Spotted

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    In the flesh. A highly anticipated vehicle for India, the Trax does have what it takes to take the fight to the current Soft SUV leader, the Renault Duster.

    First up, some pictures and my views -


    Though the vehicle appears slightly shorter than the Duster in length, it still has a very decent presence. I like the squat look it presents, with short over hangs both front and rear.


    The front is unmistakably Chevy, but thankfully not a pumped up version of the Beat, but a aggressive version of the Captiva. The low front bumper really does not reflect the Sports Utility aspect of the vehicle, and I really like that. Soft off roading capabilities are going to be limited though, thanks to the low front lip.


    The wheels are big 18 inchers and look good with the proportion of the vehicle. The front Fog lights and scoops add to the aggression. Also prominent are the wheel arch bulges, which at the rear do remind one of the Renault.



    The rear 3 quarter kind of loses the plot, with the tail lights not really complementing the front. They could've done a better job with the lights at the back.

    A low opening boot door can only mean one thing. Ease of loading/unloading stuff.

    Some things that I would like to highlight -

    From the view that I got, this is about as spacious as the Duster on the inside. Maybe a few more Cm in the front thanks to the sculpted Dash board that I'll post in a bit.

    The boot is definitely smaller than the Duster, but bigger than the EcoSport.

    Interior fit and finish, is definitely better than the competition. This sells for about 2 Lakhs more over a comparable Duster, but crucially has more features than it as well. (that is until the 2015 model of the Duster comes out, that might win back some lost glory).

    The engine here is a 1.8L in-line 4 ,that makes about 140 Bhp. Expect the Cruze diesel engine to do duty in this in India. Unless they plan to make it really boring and fit the diesel engine from the Beat.

    Why buy it?

    - If you are bored of seeing a Duster in every nook and corner of the city. And if the Chevy free service package appeals to you.

    - If you don't mind spending that little bit extra for the extra features and jazz, not to mention the Chevy Bow tie on the front grille.

    Why not buy it?

    - If you would like to go tried and tested, and are as boring as my choice for the ideal vehicle for India currently, buy the Duster.


    and this is the interior. Real nice -



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