China pulls out, India agrees to dismantle bunkers overlooking border

Discussion in 'News & happenings' started by JD666, May 7, 2013.

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    Which is such a sham!

    The geo-political reason for them coming 19 kms into our territory was obviously to restrict our ability to observe their movements from across the border here. The post that we occupy gives our soldiers a clear view of their highway. Something similar to what happened during Kargil. The enemy had unrestricted view of our highway.

    And now apparently the stand-off has ended only after We've agreed to dismantle the bunker there. Why? no one seems to answer.

    It is a well known fact that there have been massive investments in the sea port at Gwadhar to facilitate movement of equipment and supplies.

    The region in Kashmir in question is essential to Chinese security, since it links them by road to this port. It's All but obvious that they need to secure this highway for future purposes. Lest a war breaks out, we can bomb and control movement on this highway from our current positions.

    As is, due to the impact of the Indo-China war, when we lost several thousand Sq. Kms. of our territory, our government did nothing to bolster the borders. Which is quite ironic.

    This was done in a defensive step to make it difficult for the invaders to infiltrate and come inland. If there are proper roads and highways made, they will simply capture them and facilitate their troop and artillery movement.

    The Chinese on the other hand, have built highways right upto the border, or so called LAC in some regions. I'm sure they would have had it easier, and topography would have been a key factor in building this, but we were on the back foot since day one. We use cumbersome methods of transporting equipment on foot, and by air drops, while for them trucks simply roll in.

    What if in the case of an actual war, hehe. A) we are already out numbered, :cool: because we din't think we could give them a fight, our supply lines are inadequate C) Might as well give up and provide the intelligence to the opponent that we are a weak fighter.

    We could -

    - Bolster our infrastructure and build roads/highways right upto the border. Bridges/Crossings/highways can always be ?#@*&%!^$~y Trapped to be destroyed in the event of a retreat. A simple landslide would do a lot to slow down the enemy.

    - Boost habitation of retired soldiers, ex-servicemen in the regions bordering our neighbours. Give them land cheap or free.

    - Strengthen and de-marcate our borders once and for all and end all these skirmishes. It's a good feeling to see how big our country is. Realizing we don't have most of the upper half and areas in the east is not a great feeling at all.

    Cut that area out. Re-chart our map, and accept that we lost ground. Because we ain't getting it back anytime. Not now, not later.

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    Cannot win against china, that is a fact, they would do way too much damage and this is without accounting for nukes. China is passive aggressive they wont fight first, but flex muscles.
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    In the end it us ,who lost because we had to agree to dismantling bunkers ...shameful !
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