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Discussion in 'Selling' started by Duffman 2.0, Apr 9, 2013.

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    warranty-snip.JPG raid-2.jpg raid-1.jpg Date of Purchase: Don't remember
    Expected Price: 2500/- each
    Price Negotiable: Yes

    Product State: Warranty Replacement
    Condition of Product: Seal Packed
    Reason for sale: Don't need them
    Accessories included: None

    Warranty Status: Valid
    Warranty Valid in: India
    Past replacement history: None

    Location: Delhi
    Payment Options: NEFT, Cash
    Shipping Details: Blue Dart (Free Shipping)

    Had 2 WD drives, a 1TB and 640GB but couldn't get them RMA for past 3 years as was not at home. Recently got them RMA and got 2 1TB drives. Drives are seal packed, not even opened by me. I don't have a desktop so can't put up those HDTune shots and don't have invoice also as the original drives were bought long time ago. The RMA drives have only few months of warranty left as you can see from the screenshot attached below. Sorry in advance for not meeting all the necessary documentation criteria but I'm not peddling fake or shoddy product here. Local buyers preferred. For any details or negotiation, PM me.
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    Post a new thread Duffman 2.0. Attachment missing probably.

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