David Guetta Live in Dubai

Discussion in 'Arts and Photography' started by JD666, Dec 25, 2014.

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    So I was fortunate enough to attend the DJ live in concert. One more ticked off the Bucket list.

    The atmosphere was feverish, the crowd insane. Looking at the ladies and their barely there clothing, I was in doubts whether this was Dubai or Ibiza. However the crowd control was excellent, bouncers and security guys everywhere. A guy tried to act fresh with a few girls. Okay let me re-phrase it, A huge guy (about 6+ft and 120 kgs) tried to act fresh with a few girls and was immediately taken in a choke hold and escorted off the beach. Amazing.

    The visuals were more appealing than the music to be honest with an insane setup of lasers. There were lasers of every possible color that one could imagine.

    David Guetta came on stage around 11:30 pm and played till 0200 am. Which was a decent set length to be honest.

    Here are some clips that I shot. Rest of the time I was too busy grooving to the music.

    P.S. - You need to be slightly tipsy to really enjoy the feel/music when at such a concert.


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