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    So after haggling with the online store that I bought it from, it has finally arrived.


    Weighing in at 1.4 kgs (1.39 to be precise), the Inspiron 3147 makes for a really compact offering.


    At under 2 cms (1.9 cms) it is pretty compact. The keyboard half is nearly the same thickness as the screen, which makes for a very balanced design. On the front of the Laptop you just have the power indication on the left hand side (the small hole on the bottom half).


    The right hand side of the Netbook, has (from L-R) the power button switch, Volume control (for when you are in tablet mode), speaker grille, USB port, SD card reader and Lock slot


    On the right hand side we have (L-R), the power port, full sized HDMI out, 2xUSB 3.0 ports, Integrated Headphone jack and Speaker grille.

    Though split ports are on their way out, the headphone jack should work with any Cellular hands free that works on a 3.5 mm Jack.


    The rear of the laptop features strong metal hinges with vents at the bottom for the cooling. The device does have a cooling fan incorporated in this form factor, which is a welcome feature.


    The underside features a brushed finish, and exposed screws. For the price, I can live with this. If you look closely, you can see rubber mounts, that raise the Dell a bit from any surface you keep it on. Works for protecting the base from scratches.


    The Dell Inspiron 3147 features an 11.6 inch 1366x768 resolution screen. The display is high gloss, akin to an iPad or Tablet, due to the Multi-Touch screen. Screen response is sharp and fast. Colors are robust. The brightness could've been higher, but is sufficient for daily use.


    Some of the features listed on the base.


    The Home button at the bottom, that helps during Tablet mode operation.


    Camera and an Ambient Light Sensor to the left of it. Not sure if visible, but if you can see the two notches in the lining between the black plastic and the Silver surround. Those are Stereo microphones, two of them.


    The touch pad is smooth and responsive. I wasn't too happy with the touch pad of the Sony Vaio, bought earlier, and it was used (nearly always) with a mouse connected to it. This touch pad is definitely better and easier to use. I did not feel the urge to connect a mouse. Call me picky, but I still feel, Panasonic makes the best touch pads for their Laptops, with individual buttons, which is a well thought out design as well.


    One of the 4 modes of operation. This is the Tablet stand mode. Once the Screen is hinged beyond 180 degrees, the keyboard is automatically disabled.


    Tent mode. The hinges are robust enough for the Laptop to be positioned in this manner. There is little to no flex, which is a plus and adds to the build quality of the device.


    Tablet mode. The only draw back that I see here or in any of the other modes is the fact that the on-screen keyboard does not work like it does in an iPad or an Android Tablet. Which is quite funny, since the on-screen keyboard should pop up the moment you select a text field. Something that Microsoft needs to look into ASAP and not wait for third party fixes like I did for my Windows tablet (review shared here).


    Next to the 14 inch Vaio, the Dell 3147 does appear to be really compact. I was suspecting that the keyboard might be a bit of a bother to type on. However that was not the case, and it was a delight to type on. I was back to normal typing speeds in about 10-15 minutes.

    This device packs a Pentium N3530 - Quad core 2.16 Ghz with 1Mb L2 cache.

    4GB DDR3 Ram at 800 Mhz

    500 Gb 5400 RPM HDD

    Intel HD4000 Graphics

    I was playing AOE on this, and was quite happy :)

    The Dell is actually faster and responsive vs the i3 in the Vaio. A lot of sites rate the i3 higher, however my usage showed otherwise.

    Battery life till now was good, with about 1.2 hours of usage dropping the battery to about 83%. I do see a 6-7 hr usage life out of this device.

    All in all, for a price tag of 23,600, (with coupon, list price 25,400) can't really go wrong with the Inspiron 3147.
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