Developments in the Auto Industry in the Month of July 2013

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    JULY 2013
    News & Announcements

    1. A day for Jawa, Yezdi bikes

    "Good ol' Jawa and Yezdi bikes vroomed on the main roads of Mysore on Sunday to mark the 11th International Jawa Day.

    Bike fads had an exciting time having unusual pleasure of vrooming bikes on Mysore arterial road stretch at a bikers' outdoor social gathering and bike rally organized by Jawa Friends Club.

    The rally was organized by Jawa Friends Club, who later felicitated 15 former employees and mechanics of the now defunct Ideal Jawa Limited that was based and headquartered in Mysore. The company produced and exported Jawa and Yezdi motorcycle brands to around 60 countries between 1978 to 1996."

    2. BMW 1 Series Launch In India This September

    "MW India seems to be all set to launch the BMW 1 Series in September 2013. After an official declaration about the same came from Mr. Philipp Von Sahr, President of BMW India, the folks over at Autocar India recently spotted the car on the Indian roads.

    Directly in competition with Mercedes A Class that was launched over a month ago in India, the BMW 1 Series cars sure in for a ride. Being assembled at BMW India's Chennai facility via the CKD (completely knocked down) route, this hatchback series is going to be available in range of engines between 1.6 litres to 3.0 litres for the petrol variants and 1.6 litres to 2.0 litres for diesel variants."

    3. Nissan unveils Datsun Go, priced under Rs 4 lakh

    "Nissan Motor Company on Monday announced the global re-launch of its century-old brand Datsun brand, which had been suspended 27 years ago. In India the company unveiled its first model - the Datsun Go - which will hit the Indian market early next year.

    Targeted at the middle-class, especially first time car buyers, the five-door 1.2-litre hatchback Go will be priced below Rs 4 lakh in India. "
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    Ford recalls 972 Ford EcoSport to replace potentially defective glow plug

    Affecting the diesel model only, Ford India has recalled all the initial delivered/sent out EcoSports. For the manufacturer this goes from bad to worse, with first an extremely long wait for the launch, and then the long silence on pricing.

    Other Manufacturers (Read Renault/Honda) are playing this card to buyers coming to check out the Duster or the new Amaze.

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