Developments in the Indian Auto Industry for the Month of Jan 2013

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    Only the interesting and useful bits here -

    1) For all the commuters smitten by the WagonR, Maruti is looking at further facelifting the design this year, with the revamped model slated for launch anytime. This follows in the wake of updates to the Ritz, the A-star( still in the pipeline ), and the soon to be launched updated Alto K10.

    It won't be a complete work over, Maruti did that once with the new WagonR, but just subtle and minor face lifting here and there, tweaks to the design etc. No major body panel design change or anything.

    2) Nissan wants to bring the Datsun brand to India. After the not so good performance of the Micra, and the decently good sales of the Sunny, Nissan wants to introduce the Datsun brand in India. It would include some low end hatchbacks to target the volumes segment.

    I think they should first see how the sales of the Evalia rack up, and then accordingly plan it out. A strong dealer network is the first thing that they need to be able to support a volumes game.

    3) Hyundai to launch Diesel i10 - After buoyed by the sales of the Automatic i10, Hyundai are thinking it right, and are planning a Diesel i10 sometime this year. Knowing their engine tech, it could be pretty refined and efficient, and not to mention cheap. However will they be able to shake the market currently held by the 1.3 litre Fiat Multijet engine doing duty in so many cars, is to be seen. Nonetheless an interesting move, one that highlights how skewered our demand for diesel vehicles is.

    4) Tata Nano Diesel - Yep looks like its finally coming this year. With a 700-800cc engine, some rumoured that it would be running a turbo, and would be mated to a 5 speed gearbox, you can expect the most fuel efficient vehicle per litre of fuel soon. How they refine the engine and iron out the vibes is to be seen, but if the 2012 upgraded petrol model is any indication, rest assured that they are on the right track. This might also add volumes to the lackluster sales that the model has seen. However pricing would be key here, if they are going with a high tech CRDI, turbocharged diesel engine than expect pricing to be around the 2.8-3.2Lakh mark.

    5) Mahindra Rexton Fails to hit the mark - Unlike the widely successful XUV500 and the Scorpio, The Rexton, despite being packed to the Gills, and priced nearly 3 lakhs cheaper than a Fortuner, has failed to hit the mark, with only about 400 vehicles sold since its launch in October 2012. Will 2013 be any better? Lets find out.

    Oh, what I do give them is a great design of the website for the automobile. Check it out here -

    Ssangyong Mahindra Rexton | Rexton Luxury SUV | High End Premium SUV

    And finally. Adios to Ratan Tata for the path breaking time he spent heading Tata. A bounty of innovations, development and new achivements that many thought were not possible. To speak purely about the Automotive industry, the first Indigenous SUV, First All-Indian Hatchback, Cheapest car in the world are a few of the accolades he gave India.
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