End of an Era. Mitsubishi to discontinue the Lancer Evolution

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    A cult machine for many, the Lancer Evo will always be the David vs Goliath of the Sports Car segment. A vehicle that could hit way above its league and shame cars that would cost three or 4 times the price.


    At the same time, being sedate enough to be used as a daily driver, comfortably sitting 5 average sized adults and carry luggage as well.

    Sadly the Lancer never got the love it deserved, especially in India. People couldn't get enough of pimping their rides to appreciate the handling and off-roading pedigree of this machine.

    The All Wheel Drive Evo was a testament to that. And the power output derived from that tiny 2.0 in-line 4 cylinder engine in unbelievable. In various guises, EVOs have been tuned from anything between 290-450 Bhp.

    Coming from the factory, with warranty on such a high strung engine!

    The last iteration of the Lancer Evo was the X (ten) that came out in 2009. And it has sold since then with minor tweaks.

    My personal favourites and collector's items now are the EVO V and the EVO VIII. The maddest of the lot was the FQ400 based on the EVO VIII. Why? Coz it made 405 BHP from that engine, had a 0-100 time of 3.5 seconds and could hit a top speed of 170 MPH or 290 kmph!

    Pictures -

    mitsubishi evo fq400 01.jpg

    mitsubishi evo fq400 02.jpg

    To get an idea of what it could do, please view the video -

    Part 1 - Evo vs Lamborghini -

    Part 2 - Evo vs Lamborghini -

    Yes, the turbo is laggy, and it's not as hot as it seems to be, but give it enough stick and the right gear and you go from 0 to insane in no time!

    In perspective, this is the outgoing model -





    That makes 290-295 Bhp, 0-100 in 4.7-5.1 seconds, Permanent All Wheel Driver, Dual Clutch transmission, Front and Rear limited slip differential, and Active vehicle control.

    The stock Lancer that sells in 1.4 and 1.6 guise? Looks like this -

    stock 01.png

    stock 02.png
    Stock 03.png
    Stock 04.png

    Mitsubishi has sadly decided to discontinue production after the 2015 year. They have made one last variant that makes around 450 Bhp and will be a limited run of 300-500 cars only.

    I hope to give this machine a fitting farewell, if I am lucky enough to get my hands on one to drive in the coming weeks. The current EVO is as is pretty rare to come by, forget getting your hands on one.

    The only sole entrant in this segment is now the Subaru WRX STi, which does seem to have its days numbered as well.

    I might have something lined up for the last great AWD Rally beast from Mitsubishi ;)
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    Truly, the end of an era.

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