Information End of the A380 for Airbus?

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    According to online speculation, Airbus might be at a hard point with the A380, their double decked behemoth of the sky. The manufacturer has not been able to book a single order for this aircraft in 2014. And 2015 does not look that positive either.


    The aircraft got 318 orders, out of which 140 are from Emirates only. However now with the launch of the A350, the A320 Neo and the A330 Neo in development, operators are insisting that Airbus work on a higher efficiency model of the A380 using newer engines and efficient wing design and improvements.

    The figures are not in its favor to implement any of this. For an aircraft that cost over 25 Billion dollars to design,develop and build, and with a list price of 375-390 Million dollars (and the number of confirmed orders), it does not seem probable that Airbus will break even on the project. Their break even was initially set at 270 units, and now is projected to be at 420 units.


    Airbus did announce that the aircraft being manufactured in 2015 will cost less than their selling price. Going for any design improvement at this point will cost around another 4 Billion dollars to fix. Which is a lot.

    What does stand out though is that the competition is not faring well at all either. The Boeing 747-8 launched to compete with the A380 with a tried and tested design/shape but with many improvements, got only 71 orders.

    For some airports the A380/747-8 are a blessing, since due to packed flight schedules, you can fly in more passengers in your allotted slot. For some airports, airlines are finding that there just aren't enough passengers to pack the aircraft with.

    This can be further argued upon with the fact that Airbus never really pushed the full density economy cabin for the A380. The aircraft is configured for over 850 passengers in a single class configuration. This can be the next push that Airbus should look into to get over that break even point.

    Personally, I prefer the 747 any day. The A380 lacks a character to its design and visual appeal.

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