Information / News Farewell Nokia, Microsoft to drop Nokia logo after Lumia 730 and 830

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    According to an internal document sourced by an online blog, Microsoft will drop the Nokia Moniker from their devices. The Lumia 730 and 830 will be the last to display the Nokia name on the device.

    This is in line with what I personally saw on the Nokia X2 (Microsoft Mobile instead of the usual Nokia name).

    Also they will be headed more towards a Lumia and Windows Branding, eventually settling on Windows as their brand/range name.

    Sad to see an iconic brand go with a whimper, but then there are other divisions of Nokia that are still up, hope they do come back with a bang.

    RIP Nokia, it was wonderful while it lasted.

    Source - Exclusive: Nokia, Windows Phone Brands to be Replaced By Microsoft, Windows - Geek on Gadgets : Geek on Gadgets

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