FujiFilm Instax Wide - 210

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    I was playing and admiring a friend's FujiFilm Instax Mini, when the very next day he gifted me the Instax Wide 210.

    Remembering my good ol Polaroid days were never so much fun!


    The 'wide' in the wide picture format refers to the lens. The picture size is 99x62mm.


    Here's the kit all laid out. Star Wars mug in the background not included.

    User guide, 4xAA batteries, Neck strap and selfie lens/reflector.


    The Instax 210 is not a small camera by any measure. It's bigger than an externally powered HDD, and weighs in at 650 gms. Picking one up, the first thing that came to mind was the Sony Video Camcorder that was used by Akshay Khanna in Taal. I know weird memories, but then being a kid from that time, this is what comes to it.
    Dunno if anyone remembers Sony Mavica series.


    The LCD and controls on the left give you the following options -

    1 - Setting focal length - You can either choose between 0.9-3M or 3Meters to Infinity. I've been shooting in 0.9 to 3 range only, Still to shoot some in the other range.

    2 -The L/N/D are a sort of exposure control, and allow you to control the light levels for the photo. You can toggle between Lighten, Normal and Darker.

    A lot of people online have recommended using Flash and using Darker mode for better shots.

    3 - Flash switch (on/off). A number of people have complained that it fires off irrespective of what setting you have, but I have not found that to be the case.

    The number of prints you have left are also shown on the LCD above. A regular cartridge takes 10 prints, so it's pretty easy to run out of film. Always keep spare stocked away.


    The back of the camera to load the film cartridge. Pretty easy, just line up the color marker, and close flap on top. Click once and the protective cover will come out thru the slot on top. Discard that and you're ready for the first shot.

    Viewfinder is on the left. The red light blinks when you run out of prints.


    the storage for the 4XAA cell. The funny thing is, even though all springs are located on one side, the polarities are still alternating. Had a funny time trying to figure out why the camera is not powering up.


    Will upload some shots soon. Wondering whether I should scan them or take a photo of a photo :D

    Here's to the hipster movement!
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    So now that I finished one cartridge, I can post some pictures of the inside, and some sample shots as well -

    First up - Behind the flap -


    That's the emptied cartridge. You simply line it up against the yellow marker at the top.


    The spring mechanism that maintains constant pressure. I'm still to figure out how the photograph is slid upward.


    The front face of the cartridge. There's a protective sheet that comes out in the first shot.


    The lens mechanism underneath.

    Sample shots.jpg

    Finally, some scans of sample shots.
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    Here's how it works -


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