Article How to install WhatsApp on Nokia X, X+, XL and X2

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    A lot has been said about how WhatsApp is not supported on Nokia X. Here are some easy steps to do it -
    (The below is a screen shot from my device running WhatsApp)


    1) Install a suitable file browser - I prefer ES File Explorer.

    2) Download the following files to your device (Downloads directory)

    1 - First file - - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free

    This is WhatsApp 2.11, needed to verify your device

    2 - Second file -

    This is WhatsApp Plus version 06.12 that would run.

    Preparation done.

    Now the steps are as follows.

    (Make sure your SIM on which you want WhatsApp to run is in the device, and you have network + data connection (Wi-Fi will work as well) )

    1) Download and copy both files to Downloads folder on your device.

    2) Go to Settings > Security > (Device Administration) Unknown Sources -> Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

    3) Go to Settings > Time and Date -

    Switch off Automatic Date and time - Make sure it's not set to auto update.

    Also set date to 2-3 months in the past. For me, June 28th 2014 worked.

    After setting the date

    4) Reboot phone.

    5) Once the phone boots up, make sure the date is the same, not changed.

    6) Install WhatsApp 2.11. Run number verification and leave it at that. Do not, Do not update, try chat messages or anything. You'll get some update errors, ignore.

    7) After verification, uninstall WhatsApp 2.11 (Simply tap on the app in the list and Uninstall).

    8 - Once done, go to Settings > Time and Date -

    I simply switched on Auto update and my date and time were set to the current applicable values.

    9) Using ES File browser, install the WhatsApp Plus Package.

    Once complete, it will automatically detect your settings/verification and would be ready to run.

    Slightly complicated, but until another fix is out, this is the easiest way to enjoy WhatsApp on your Nokia X,XL,X+ and X2. Get in touch with your friends again :D

    I did the above method thrice, on the Nokia X2, with 3 different SIM cards. No issues.

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    Quick update -

    If you download the latest Android apk installation file from, you can simply install the application directly, without all the troubles above.

    I just tried it, downloaded the apk using Opera browser, and simply installed it. Inserted a new SIM (new number) and it was verified right away.

    Tested a few chats, all okay.

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