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Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Sharing some issues that I faced with my Entry level HP DeskJet 1050 AIO printer, scanner and copier -

    1 - Ink levels low -

    Even though you can feel the ink sploshing around inside the cartridge, the printer gives a low ink level.

    Solution -

    Install a spare cartridge, print 1 or 2 pages of what you need to print, then install the old cartridge back. Worked twice.

    2 - Incomplete printing, or printer prints only top half of the page -

    This is a common issue plaguing most HP printers out there. A number of threads have been opened on the HP support forums for these issues only.

    The printer prints the top half of the page normally, however eventually it fades or transitions to nothing. Replacing the cartridge does nothing, it's an issue with the printer.

    Solution -

    First un-install and re-install all drivers. All of them. Delete the device from printers, and remove all loaded drivers.

    Download the latest drivers and try a new install. If this does not fix it, then disconnect everything to the printer (power/data) and leave the printer idle for a few days. After a couple of days, mysteriously the issue will be fixed.

    Lol. Yep. Itne paise mein, itna hi milege (This is what you'll get for so much money :D )

    Besides the fact that this printer does not come bundled with a USB cable, it does not get cheaper than this.

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