Information Improve on battery life - Un-install Facebook App

Discussion in 'PC Hardware and Software' started by JD666, Oct 18, 2015.

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    Recent discussions and battery consumption patterns shared online, have indicated that the Facebook App has become a battery hog lately.

    Not that it wasn't one earlier, but apparently this time, they have come up with a special way to bypass the Background process running scenario. They show up as playing some audio file, which allows the application to stay online in the background. This is similar in operation to a music streaming app like Gaana or Hungama, which would still play your music in the background while you do other things in your phone.

    I decided to give this a go, and un-installed the Facebook App, and the Messenger App.

    Before, about 30% of my battery was being used by the Facebook App. Battery life was about 12-16 hours when at home, and maybe 10-12 hours on 4G data (iPhone 5S).

    After uninstalling the App, I have easily spent over 1 day without re-charging, and on data, the battery burn is much less as well. If I want to check Facebook, I just open up the mobile site, and get it done with.

    Just a suggestion, but if you guys are facing heavy battery consumption, give this a go and share your findings.

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    I knew it! Never bothered with their app.

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