Indian reporter pwned by British MP

Discussion in 'News & happenings' started by BANHAMMER, Aug 15, 2013.

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    This report is one of most rude reporter I have ever seen. First she asks a dumb question and then she basically do not let him speak.
    Not to mention she was speaking from her ass saying we can question Supreme court. You about by supreme court, you respect it's decisions and you uphold it's decision. You can only appeal it. If there is one body in democracy that you can trust is our Judiciary. Besides even if there are cases running against modi, the decisions given by Supreme court that in past are still valid. And there is no crime done until you are either the first witness or the court of Law convicts you.

    Nidhi Razdan interviewing British MP Barry Gardiner on Modi invitation to UK.. PWNED!! : india
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    Saw this on FB. She is going on and on with words like controversy and judgement and what not, while not letting the UK MP speak.

    Such people should be fired.

    Even after the MP corrected her, she still goes on about being a democracy and questioning everything. Why? Since she had to give a retort. Just own up and shut up!

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