Review Innjoo F2 Tablet - 10.1 inch - Android

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, May 3, 2016.

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    So my niece decided that she's had enough with the Windows 8.1 tablet that we got her earlier. I had reviewed the tablet here - Review - InnJoo Leap 3 Windows 8.1 Tab | RAID101

    She decided to do away with the tablet and flying it went. And you know the outcome. So in today's market of cheap hardware (and my shopping itch), it is easier to order another tablet, then to run around trying to repair the old one. So came in another product from InnJoo. I was pretty happy with the Leap 3 earlier so hoped that the experience would not be lost on the F2.

    Some pictures -


    The F2 is bigger than the Leap 3 (8 vs 10.1). The packaging is robust and well layered.


    The rear print reveals information about the tablet.


    Some specs include - Dual Core Cortex A7 1.3 Ghz processor, Mali 400 GPU, 1GB Ram, 8 GB Rom. Expandable by MicroSD upto 32GB.


    The 1024x600 resolution is nothing special, but works adequately for that GPU. 5 point touch, and a 4500 mAH battery are decent packing. The device also supports GPS positioning, and 3G data via Dual SIM card supports. You can make calls as well with the bundled headset.


    Opening up the 2 flaps, you are greeted by the Tablet. Now the F2 comes pre-installed with a screen guard, which is good to know, since there isn't any glass display here. The display seems to be plastic and without any sort of protection. In line with what you'd expect at this price point.


    With a weight of 540 Gms, it isn't a lightweight tablet, but rather feels sturdy and robust. Definitely one of the well built tabs out there.


    The back is finished in plastic with a textured feel. The stitches that you see around the edges are all plastic. There's a 2MP camera with flash at the back and a 0.3 MP VGA camera in the front. Just about good enough for Skype/Hangout. Nothing special, no low light functionality etc.

    There is only one speaker, and it is visible in the above photo. The two slots on the back comprise of the single speaker. Not the best setups, considering that the Leap 3 was forward facing dual speakers.


    Regular power and volume rockers on one side, and Audio jack + USB port on the top -


    The hole between the two marks a microphone perhaps for calling without headset. I haven't tried that yet.


    Pulling out the side slot, you get the access to the 2 SIM cards and MicroSD card slots. This takes a full size SIM and data can be used on either card.


    The flap isn't the best design out there, but with the number of locks, it slots and fits in pretty tight.


    Also included in the bundle are a 2Amp Charger (same as the Leap 3), a shorter than usual USB cable and a headset for calling/voice chat.

    What I would like manufacturers to start doing is including an extra long cable for charging (greater than 6 ft if possible). This will help those who like to operate/use their tabs in the bed away from the charging port.


    Powering up, the TFT display makes itself felt right away. Viewing angles horizontally are not too bad, but vertically they take a massive beating. Case in point, the logo is Red when you see it straight on, but a slight vertical deviation and this is how it changes color -


    Changing angles horizontally, things stay slightly better -


    The screen is no where close to the Leap 3, but does about alright for the price and size. It comes with Android 4.4.4 out of the box, and it runs very well.

    Screen response is good and no lag noticed. For a tab that is going to be used mainly to stream YouTube videos, I did a quick battery test. For about 2 hours of streaming, it lost about 20 percent battery life. Keeping in mind an exponential battery decline, It would be safe to assume a streaming time of not less than 7 hours on a full charge. Mind you, this was full screen playback, brightness at 80% and volume was full.

    Some other notes -

    - Speakers are not really the best, tinny and not too loud. Again comparing to the Leap 3, this feels shortchanged.

    - The screen is a let down, but at the price and the speed of the GUI, is a good enough compromise.

    The F2 came in at about 5,450 INR, and 10 inch tablets from reputed brands are hard to come in at this price point. They've done well to include 3G data + calling, but this has resulted in a compromise everywhere else.

    The Leap 3 (at nearly the same price point when discounted) is a much better performing, looking, and finished tablet. This is VFM when it comes to real estate, but the hardware is slightly dated.

    I hope the heft of this tab makes it harder for my niece. However to be on the safe side, I also got a leather flap cover/holder/stand -

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    Here are some bench and performance screen shots -


    So available space (after uninstalling some bundled apps) is 5.5 Gb.


    The CPU

    Slightly less than 50% Ram available. Dunno why it reads the screen size as 7.42 inches.


    Android 4.4.2


    A Quadrant score of 4672, which is very 2012 hardware.


    Same for the GeekBench score of 341 and 650. (single and multi core).

    I guess this should work well for the intended purpose. Not really for heavy processing. Browsing, videos, some games like subway surfer etc should run fine.

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