Review InnJoo Leap 3 Windows 8.1 Tab

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Apr 9, 2015.

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    Yes, don't be swayed by the name. There's much more to this device than just the brand name. InnJoo is a Tech startup based in Dubai. They don't mention explicitly whether they manufacture or re-badge these devices. What is significant is that they have a more than noticeable presence in the Middle East and certain other countries like Nigeria as well.

    Their line up currently comprises of 9 Mobile phone models, 6 tablets, a battery pack and a portable Wi-Fi Hot spot that works on a 3G SIM card, ethernet and is a portable power bank with a 4800 mAH battery as well.

    The Leap 3 is one of their new models, that runs Windows 8.1 with Bing. First up the specifications -

    - 211.5mm*130.4mm*9.2mm
    - 365g

    - Win8.1
    - Intel BayTrail T-CR Z3735G Quad core
    - IntelĀ® HD graphics
    - 1GB
    - 16GB
    External Storage
    - 64GB (expandable with MicroSD card)

    Screen Size
    - 8 inch
    - 1280*800 IPS
    Touch Screen
    - Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen (Upto 10 simultaneously)
    - Front camera 2MP, rear 5MP Auto Focus

    - 4500mAh Poly battery
    Recharge Type
    - Adapter or USB Cable
    Charger Type
    - AC100-240V.50-60HZ Input, 5V, DC 2 A Output

    - RTL8723 (BT/WIFI), interface: SDIO
    - Bluetooth 4.0

    The key points from the specifications are the Intel Quad Core Atom Processor which is a BayTrail 22nm die processor, speed between 488Mhz to 1.33 Ghz.


    The RAM runs at 666 Mhz with a CL9 timing.


    Moving on, let's begin with the un-boxing first.


    A well packaged cardboard container. I must commend, especially for the price that they are selling at.


    The Leap 3 identifier on the side.



    Details on the reverse of the box.

    The Dual speakers are quite the highlight of the device.



    Removing the white sleeve, we are presented with a red box, again made of durable cardboard.

    The tablet. The foam sheet on the underside of the cover is a nice touch. Something that many other manufacturers don't bother with.

    The tablet itself is wrapped in a plastic sheet (like the iPad) and comes factory fitted with a screen guard.


    The back has a nice metal back, that has a coarse finish and is easy to grip.


    The price difference between the White and the Black colored tab was 100 AED (about 1700 INR). So I did not make a fuss about the color and went for the cheaper White one.


    You do fee the bezel is pronounced due to the white, but that is only when you view the screen and it is off. Under usage, you hardly feel the difference. The extra edges do come handy in gripping, without touching the screen.

    Again, very impressive packaging. the plastic shroud containing the accessories is of quality material and extremely robust.


    The USB cable. Good quality, though I would've preferred a longer cable (around 6 feet or so), so that the tablet can be used plugged in.


    The 5V - 2 Amp charger. Very good build quality.


    The ratings on the side.


    Headphones with the kit. Slightly on the lower side, but then I don't use them, so doesn't make a difference for me.


    Bundled documentation and literature. They are particular about installing/re-installing the Windows OS by yourself on this device. Best left to the Service center. I feel if I ever have to do anything with the OS, I would probably just use the Windows restore feature.


    The leap 3 vs an iPad Mini (First Gen)


    Quite easy to grasp and hold. Thankfully not as slippery as the iPad. The iPad simply won't stay in my hand. This being bigger and thicker, is still easy to handle.

    One of the dual speakers. The perforated grille and its finish is a nice touch.


    Power and volume rockers. I like the fact that they are distinct, and clicky.

    You can also spot the MicroSD expansion card. Oh yeah, free memory post setup was around 6.5 Gb on the device. But then that might be perhaps since I used my existing Windows 8.1 account to set up, and some applications were downloaded and installed. Other users have reported around 8 Gb available free space.


    The rear camera. I will do a test of the camera quality of this device vs the iPad as a follow up.

    The USB port next to the power and volume rocker.


    The 3.5mm Audio Jack.


    First boot up.


    I wanted to capture the crispness of the screen, but this was the best I could get.


    Using it -

    Windows 8.1 does take some getting used to, especially if you are familiar with Android and Apple tablets. Not much changes, but the whole swipe bit takes some getting used to.

    To close an app, you swipe down from the top of the screen. Similarly to switch between apps you swipe from the left of the screen to the right (Similar to Alt-Tab).

    The right of the screen houses the settings that can be accessed from the touch menu.

    Long press works as right click. Double tap works normally.

    What I liked was that the on-screen keyboard was big enough to be able to type on with both hands.

    I did a Video Call session to test the Audio / Video and was definitely impressed. The front camera is grainy, but good enough , when compared to other Android Tablets, that have much lesser cameras.

    The Rear camera was about average, which I will test further in a image quality test with an iPad Mini. But then for the price that this device is, you cannot really complain much.

    Battery life -

    Full charge took about 3 hours. I was able to use it for about 8 hours before running low. This included full screen YouTube Playback, around 30 minutes of Video Chat and browsing. Again, very good for the price.

    To sum up my experience, here is my list of Pros and Cons for the InnJoo Leap 3 Tablet -

    Pros -

    - Windows 8.1 with Office 365.
    - Screen quality and response
    - Fit and finish
    - Dual Speakers
    - Excellent Value for Money
    - Screen guard is factory fitted.

    Cons -

    - No Windows Home button (But then didn't feel the need either)
    - Camera could be slightly better (Front) or positioned in the middle, rather than to one side
    - Longer charging cable would be welcome move!

    For about 400 AED or 6,800 INR, the InnJoo Leap 3 makes for a very worthy buy. I've just bought a flip cover for my device, and hope to use it on a daily basis. More updates to follow as I use it.
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  2. JD666

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    Using it for a few weeks, and there are a bunch of things that could be worked on :D

    - Probably a dual USB port setup would be interesting, since I could charge and use a keyboard at the same time.

    - Life of the tablet is about 8-10 hrs depending on usage. Youtube streaming will last you 6 hrs or so.

    - Charging is pretty fast with the bundled 2Amp charger. Around 1.5 hrs to full charge from zero.

    - Camera quality is good. Comparable to First Gen iPad mini. Image samples to be posted.

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