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Discussion in 'PC Hardware and Software' started by JD666, Oct 6, 2014.

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  1. JD666

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    So after running the default 8.0 that came with the iPhone 6 for a few days (the 8.0.2 release was out) I decided to go with 8.0.2.

    The only issue that I faced yesterday was that the Wi-Fi would drop out after about a few hours of being connected. And once it would disconnect, no amount of toggling the Wi-Fi selection would resolve it.

    The only solution would be to reboot the device, and then this issue would come up again after 6-8 hours.

    Finally I did a Reset of the Network Settings and rebooted the phone. Post that, it's been 24 hours and no issues.

    Note - You'll have to reconfigure all the Wi-Fi networks that the device is familiar with, so ensure you have all the pass keys.

    Hope this helps others!
  2. Invader

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    Mine is fine on the 8.0.2 .. no issues with wi-fi or anything yet , may be just caz i dont use the phone for more than just whatsapp and calls

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