Review iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6, a quick comparo

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    Yep, the question that all iPhone owners would be interested in knowing the answer to.

    Is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 6 from your current iPhone 5 or 5S even. Let's do a quick comparison and find out.

    The iPhone 5S is still a very capable phone, which when launched in 2013 progressed and improved further on the iPhone 5, which in its time was the biggest step forward for Apple, increasing the screen size to a 4 inch display from the 3.5 incher of the iPhone 4S.

    The iPhone 5S improved on certain issues of the iPhone 5, and brought in some unique features that did make it a much better improvement over its predecessor. It came with improved battery life, a body that was not as prone to scuffing and scratching as the 5. The biggest features were the addition of Touch ID, which is very convenient if you get used to it for locking/unlocking your phone. Also improved was the camera, with a slow shooting mode.

    The iPhone 6 builds further on that with improved processing power, battery, bigger screen and a few others. Here's a quick look -


    Here we have the boxes, the iPhone 5S on the left (as written on the sides) and the 6 on the right.



    Unlike the box for the 5S, Apple has designed the iPhone 6 box with an outline of the phone only. And a simple iPhone on the side, not describing the number or the variant.



    The device. Worth noting is that though it's nearly as much as a Samsung Galaxy S3 in your hand, it feels much much lesser. The slim design, curved edges all play a factor in making that possible.



    The Camera lens. Something that has people gasping and grumbling. The image quality is worth every 2.5 mm of that protusion on the back of the phone.





    Some all round shots of the device.


    The iPhone 5S right next to the 6.


    The curves do stick them apart. However another minor difference that I noted is that the Touch ID is slightly shallower on the 6, vs the 5S, which has a deeper recess and press.


    When I had first opened the 6, I was surprised to the see the color. I had ordered Space Grey and that is what it said on the outside. But when I picked up the device and looked at the back, I was surprised, since it looked more silver than Space Grey.

    I actually had to place it next to the 5S to confirm the color. And then I realized that the black bands on the 5S make the color feel darker than it actually is.

    Also , the Space Grey color is the only one that comes with a black bezel for the device, which I personally like a lot more than the White bezel.

    So don't be surprised if the silver appears more silvery than it actually is. The colors are the same, it's just the way they appear to the eye.



    Where each device scores -

    iPhone 6 -

    - Slimmer than the 5/5S

    - Loudspeaker is louder than the speaker on the 5S - Though they use nearly the same design

    - Camera features (240 FPS shooting, better image quality, improved HDR and low light shooting)

    - Bigger screen, better for videos and browsing

    - Better battery life

    - Future proof

    - Powerful processor/Graphics chip as compared to the 5S

    iPhone 5S -

    - Touch ID/Home button is deeper than the 6, better feel/feedback

    - Easy for single hand usage

    - Compact

    - Does not feel sluggish as compared to the 6

    - Image quality is nearly as good

    - Cheaper

    Which one should you buy?

    You should buy the iPhone 6 if -

    - You like being on the latest available device

    - The bigger screen is a welcome change for you

    - The image quality has improved further, and you were looking forward to it.

    - You've been on an iPhone 5 or 4S.

    - You would like to buy something that is future proof for the next 2 years at least.

    You should buy the iPhone 5S if -

    - This would be your first iPhone/Apple device - So that you get the original Apple experience as intended with the 4 inch screen.

    - You really don't mind having the latest device. A device more than capable and in the vicinity is good enough.

    - You like a smaller screen. I know I do.

    - Pricing - the 5S would be much cheaper, and easily accessible as compared to the 6.

    - Space is an issue - You could easily go for a much higher capacity 5S ( 32 or 64 GB ) but might be restricted when it came to the 6 since it's 16-64-128 with decently spaced out price points.

    - You would be using your device for at least 2 years. Then probably upgrade to the 6S or 7 even.

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