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    This is floating everywhere on the internet that in last 2 days Kim Dotcom the owner of controversial upload site Megaupload has launched another service called as MEGA. MEGA is a cloud based service providing 50 GBs of free storage space. Kimdotcom was arrested by FBI and his site was suspended on charges of multiple accounts of Copyright Infringement and Piracy. Kim Dotcom has been trying to fight the legal battle in American court to defend his case, however it is uncertain as to which side this battle will turn. It is widely theorized that the reason Kim got himself into this trouble was his probably launch of music streaming service, which may have threatened the big music business players.
    The Good thing about MEGA is that it uses asymmetric encryption to provide security for your content on the cloud. This encryption is provided in form of two keys, one on server and one on your client. This will also help them bypass the piracy concerns since the content of these files will not be available to anyone but the people having the given credentials.
    As of now within 24 hours of its opening, the site is swarmed with about a million requests. This is a clear indicator of how big the Megaupload's userbase was. The site is unable to withstand such large traffic and is down at the moment according to Kim's blog, it is still in beta phase and would be fully functional soon. This may be an important step in storage and streaming wars between the giants. As for now no one can provide 50 GB of free storage, though from mega upload's standards that is not much storage.


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