Review Lenovo IdeaTab A1000

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. JD666

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    Got this today for Skype calling primarily.

    Lenovo 01.JPG

    Comes with a screen guard fitted, out of the box

    lenovo ideatab 02.jpg

    Apologies for the flash, the damn thing was not focusing right

    lenovo ideatab 03.jpg

    Good build and finish. Nice clean edges, definitely better than the Ainol that I had

    lenovo ideatab 04.jpg

    The back has a nice matt finish, that makes holding the tab easy, and leaves no marks as well.

    lenovo ideatab 05.jpg

    The Dolby logo for the dual speaker and headphone 3D effect -

    lenovo ideatab 06.jpg

    The micro SD card slot on the left -

    lenovo ideatab 07.jpg

    And the blocked SIM card slot on the right. Funny thing is, they still have the flap. So using the same die for both models.

    lenovo ideatab 08.jpg

    All the action at the top, thankfully its a Micro USB and not a mini USB like other tabs. So a generic USB cable works.

    The Tablet comes bundled with a charger ( USB output 1.5Amps ), and a data cable only. Pretty sparse.

    lenovo ideatab 09.jpg

    I felt if they wanted to tout their Dolby sound effect, a decent set of earphones could be bundled with the Tab.

    Tester notes -

    - Boot up time is quick, no prolonged delay.

    - Screen is responsive. Even though it's only 1024x600, it's crisp

    - Viewing angles are limited, so you need to be at the right angle to enjoy the brightness and colors

    - Touchscreen response is precise and fast, no lag or delay

    - The Matt finished back, makes holding the tab easy. The camera is off-set to one side, however unlike many other tablets, where your image is broadcast off-centre, this does not suffer from that issue.

    - Video Quality was tested over Skype. Was more than satisfactory.

    - Audio test ( the microphone is at the bottom ), revealed one interesting bit.

    If you have both the speakers on, the other person will hear a slight echo. This being due to the bottom speaker being close to the microphone. Under Sound settings you can turn the Dolby effect off, and sound comes primarily from the top speaker only. This improves audio performance without actually reducing the volume levels.

    - The loudspeakers are loud enough and the microphone good enough to pick up sound from 3-5 feet away ( voice, not ambient ).

    - The vibration motor provides for good feedback when using the touch screen or keyboard. Something missed in the Ainol.

    - This does suffer from the current issue plaguing Lenovo tablets. They have for some stupid reason segregated the on-board storage between internal and a SD card storage ( partition ).

    However the partition gives you only about 500 MB of storage space for internal apps, and 13 odd GB for external.

    There was an update available, which i carried out hoping that this would be resolved ( from S19 to S21 ), however that did not fix this either.

    Here is a screen shot of the storage -

    Screenshot storage.png

    Some details about the tablet -

    Screenshot about tablet.png

    The Dolby control screen -

    Screenshot dolby controls.png

    The home screen is simple and basic with giant widgets that can be customized. Thankfully it does not burn much resources and you have over 650 MB RAM available to run applications.

    Screenshot homescreen.png

    Ran some benchmarks. Here are the results from Antutu and Quadrant

    Screenshot Antutu.png

    Screenshot Antutu 02.png

    Antutu score - 7393. Now the Android gurus could tell me whether this is a good score or bad.

    Quadrant -

    Screenshot quadrant.png


    Bottomline -

    Good VFM tab, rugged build (Dropped it once but no damage), serves my purpose (Skype), however needs a fix for the storage swap.

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  2. Sunit JC

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    No option for selecting the storage for app installation? STRANGE..
    Root :p
  3. JD666

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    Well you can transfer some apps to the USB storage/partition, but some apps would still require the phone storage.

    Funny thing is, this din't cross anyone's mind during initial testing and preview. This needs a software update that re-partitions the storage to probably give the entire 16GB to internal.
  4. idutt

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    question is this tab like the samsung galaxy tab if I have got the name correct where you can make normal phone calls & send sms like a normal cellphone ?
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    how much did you end up paying for this nice gadget ?
  5. JD666

    JD666 RAID Leader Staff Member

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    This does not have the feature. Read the thread in detail to know the price :)

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