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    Based on the Bradley Cooper movie of the same name, Limitless (TV series) continues where the movie ended.

    Jake Mcdorman came into his own half way thru the first season. The initial episodes were slightly cold, and the acting sketchy. However the premise saw it thru. Some scenarios and situations do however beg a number of questions and open loopholes. If you watch it without your full brain into it (pun intended), you will enjoy it for sure.


    Jennifer Carpenter has done a decent job of the tough agent, but at times does seem lacking in the emoting bits. However she did come thru in some episodes brilliantly.

    They took Bradley Cooper's star attraction for support initially. Also helps that he's a producer for the series. However they have been able to take it pretty well on their own. This series does have potential.

    Definitely a watch, and it helps that Season 1 just ended :)

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