List of Weekend Getaways from NCR

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    This thread is to specifically discuss a list of weekend Getaways from the National Capital Region.

    Requirements -

    1) Name
    2) Distance ( Should be within 300 kms )
    3) Time taken to cover ( Approx )
    4) Route details ( Not necessarily Highway Numbers, however a city by city route would be nice ).
    5) Places to see/of Interest
    6) Activities to do.

    Ill start with the easiest, and one of the best drives ( especially on a bike! )


    Gurgaon - Mussoorie

    - Distance ( According to GMaps ) - 309 kms
    - Time Taken - Approximately 6 hours
    - Route - Delhi - Modinagar - Meerut Bypass - Muzaffarnagar - Roorkee - Dehradun - Mussoorie.
    - Places to see / of interest -

    1) Aloo chaat / Shikanji at Modi Nagar - The best Aloo chat / Shikanji that I have had anywhere! Period. There are a lot of those that claim to be the original chat / shikanji shop, However the main one is the one in the middle of the 3 shops, in the main market.

    On the way from Delhi to Meerut, it will come up on your left, can't miss it.

    2) Chicken Curry / Mutton curry at the Dhaba outside IIT roorkee gate. - Along the way, this was one of the few places that we've eaten on multiple occasions and enjoyed the food ( especially the fact that good non-veg food is not available in these areas.

    3) Kwality Bakery at Dehradun - Gotta try the rusk / cookies there. Awesome!

    4) Friends Chinese / Tibetan corner in Mussoorie - Simply great for chinese/Tibetan food. Loved it! This is on the main Mall road.

    Now that places to eat are out of the way :p , Places to see -

    The regular ones are -

    - Gun Hill - Take the rope carriageway to the top, have fun, watch the sunset and come back.

    - Kempty falls - A regular tourist jaunt.

    - Mall Road - Every hill station has to have one right?

    - Camel's back road - Thanks to the various horror stories abound, makes for a decent visit.

    And then the not so regular ones like -

    - The book store on the Mall road, Fridays/Mondays ( Dont remember exact days now ), you can actually meet Ruskin Bond who makes visits from time to time over there.

    - Dhanaulti - Around 28 kms ahead of Mussoorie, worth the visit for the botanical/ecological garden there, and for the fact that if you go slightly ahead, you are at the top of the mountain, and in between 2 peaks! The clouds hugging the trees/mountainside make for some great photography opportunity, and due less people around, makes for a better holiday experience.

    So fire away Buoys and Girlz! What weekend getaway would you suggest!!!

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