Review - Hardware Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse Pad & Kingston Hyper X Fury Mouse pad

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussions' started by JD666, Apr 4, 2016.

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    Got these just now for usage, since my CATZ 7 had started acting up (Roller click would open 2-3 tabs). And I needed a smaller mouse pad.



    250-2500 Dpi adjustable. Programmable buttons. I was hoping that the G300s would bring back some of the glory days of the good ol MX518.


    Un-boxing this, was probably the saddest un-boxing of my life. One plastic holder and the cable unceremoniously wrapped around it.

    3 big glide pads do seem appealing.


    Smaller than what I was expecting.


    5 Buttons that can be programmed. One is to change modes.


    Designed to be ambidextrous, the G300s follows a uniform profile on both sides. Pretty regular stuff I must say. The rubberized pads on either side do provide suitable gripping area. However the top and the palm rest are extremely cheap, glossy plastic. Surprised to see such a finish on a mouse that cost me nearly 3000 INR (here).


    The buttons on either side that can be programmed. I found this to be a hindrance, since I like to let my fingers be free on the right and left click buttons. However due to these buttons on either side, I felt my fingers cramping up, unable to open up. Somewhat like the image below -


    Very very limiting. Not a good feeling at all.

    At 80 Gms Mouse weight and another 20-40 gms for the cable, the 300S is not a well weighted mouse. It feels like a regular mouse, and at times runs like one. I compared a regular Logitech M90, daily use mouse and it was more than comparable in weight. I would've preferred a slightly heavier device that makes its presence felt in your hand.


    G8 - Is to change modes.
    G9 - Allows you to toggle between Resolution change, and "Cut" if you're using another mode.

    G5/G4 - Programmable to available options in the software.

    G6/G7 - Same as G4/G5

    The buttons are extremely clicky and feel completely out of place on a gaming mouse of this level. To put it into comparison, I keep going to the MX518, but the feel and feedback of the buttons on that device are leagues ahead of this one. You don't enjoy this one at all. At all.


    The device has 2 LED stripes on either side that light up to a custom color depending on what mode you are in. You can program it to show one of 8 colors, or switch off completely. Gimmicky, but perhaps that's where they are investing their R&D, rather than making a mouse that could offer a good user experience.


    On either side, lit up.


    Vs the MAD CATZ -7. To put the size into perspective, the MX518 slots in between the two. This (G300S) feels like a regular desktop mouse to be honest. There is no feel that gives a sensation of holding/operating a gaming mouse other than the 4 buttons on the R/L click buttons that constantly remind your fingers of their limited mobility.
    Accessible, sure, comfortable, no.


    Feel the Fury of the HyperX Gaming pad. Not a bad mouse pad for 1100 INR.


    3mm thickness, I opted for the medium, 290x240 mm pad.


    Compared to the textured finish of my previous gaming pad, this has a nice smooth finish. Reminds me of the lovely times I've had with the QCK. Not as good, but comes darn close.

    Software -

    I was quite appalled by the bundling, since not even a driver disk was included. Just a warranty booklet, and a 2 page guide that told you to go to the Logitech website to download the driver/software.

    The software comes in at 117 MB, before installation.


    You can either save your profile on the device (mouse) or on your PC. This is probably to allow the same gaming experience if you were to connect your mouse elsewhere.

    Definitely a plus, I would say.

    Gaming -

    Played Call of Duty Black Ops II for about an hour on the G300S. Gaming was average. I found a middle spot in the resolution and stuck with it pretty much all the way. This mouse feels way too light, or perhaps I have gotten used to the MAD CATZ way too much. Constantly reminds me of the HP (full size) mouse that I have for my laptop/office usage.

    I'll probably open this up, and stuff some putty, or stick a few nuts inside to weigh it down. By itself, it feels flimsy.

    Conclusion -

    - Don't buy. Steer away. Too plasticky, the finish is not that great, and the experience is average. This would probably lure a noob buyer, or someone stuck on a budget. But I'll still recommend a regular mouse, save and then buy a better one.

    - The response of the device is good, I'll give it that. The feel of the buttons, the plastic detracts heavily from the feel.


    Guess I have a G300S to sell now. Anyone interested?
  2. JD666

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    The roller makes this weird, hollow, annoying noise. Worse than a regular desktop mouse. Sigh. What a purchase.

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