Lumia 930 beats iPhone 6+, Note 4, One M9, S5 and Nexus 6

Discussion in 'Arts and Photography' started by JD666, Mar 29, 2015.

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    In camera imaging and a blind vote that is.

    The Lumia 930 has been around for quite sometime, with a 20.7 MP Pureview snapper. I've always loved Nokia imaging, which gives anything out there a run for their money. The Nokia 808 still rules the roost when it comes to pocket snapping, though the iPhone 6/5s make capturing effortless.

    I love the images on my Lumia 1020. It's just that getting the right shot takes a bit of tweaking and it is not really insta capture.

    Anyhow, PhoneArena did a blind test, where in people were asked to vote for sample images of different scenes shot on the following camera phones -

    - iPhone 6 Plus
    - Lumia 930
    - Nexus 6
    - Galaxy S5
    - Samsung Note 4

    The votes were tallied and the results were - 1st - Lumia 930, 2nd - Note 4 and 3rd - iPhone 6 Plus.

    For the full test and vote results, view the link below -

    Nokia Lumia 930 wins our blind camera comparison, followed by Galaxy Note 4; HTC One M9 ends up last
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    Lumia is the BEST !!
    I have the 1520 and I am overly happy with that !! Blazing !! that's what it is !

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