Mahindra revamps the XUV500. Adds a few more Kgs

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    Lol, by slapping on bits and chrome and what not. They've really taken bling to a whole new level.

    The 'new' XUV500 has new headlamps, new chrome strips here and there, and new Icy Blue mood lighting and that's about it. Oh yeah, the alloys are new as well.

    Browsing the website, I found no details on technical improvements, suspension, engine, gearbox or anything of that sort.

    A cursory look at the additional features -


    The most noticeable changes are in the headlights, and all that Chrome. Arrgh.

    Features in no particular order -


    New Alloy Wheels


    New Mood Lighting


    The front hood has hydraulic support to prop it open. Welcome change.


    Chrome lining on the Window Sills


    If this is the actual color, then I welcome this change, since the Mauve/Brown combination was not working at all. No changes to the console/meters. The ICE now has a black background vs the orange one earlier.


    Power seats. Not bad. I hope there is a manual back up mode in case they fail :D


    Ooh, Puddle lights that project the XUV500 moniker on the ground.


    And Scuff Plates that glow as well.


    The vehicle finally gets a Start-Stop button.


    Anti-Pinch Sun roof


    Chrome highlights around the Fog Lamps


    And yet more chrome on the boot lid.

    In my opinion, M&M have done well to cater to the rural Indian who loves his vehicle blinged out. They have saved him the hassle of driving to a major metro to spend more money on getting all the chrome outfits installed on the car.

    Might as well should've thrown in 2xBig Boofer system, 4 additional fog lights, a huge Bull bar up front and on the back and their package would've been completed.

    Pricing Ex-ShowRoom Gurgaon are -

    W4 1120850
    W6 1248370
    W8 1418600
    W8 AWD 1499885
    W10 1500117
    W10 AWD 1600441

    This is a missed exercise in improving the reliability of the vehicle in my opinion. I am aware that Mahindra has been working behind the scenes to fix several issues with the XUV, ranging from brakes, to suspension, clutch, and what not.

    They could've refined the vehicle further by making changes to the engine and GB in the refinement department. Probably a weight loss program would've been a welcome change.

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