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  1. JD666

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    Spotted this outside a Mahindra outlet during our midnight sojourn to the Twenty Four Seven in Gurgaon.

    mahindra verito vibe 01.jpg

    The so called 'new' sub-4 meter satch (Sedan + hatch) from Mahindra. Called the Verito Vibe, also called the Renault Logan in other countries.

    Why sub 4 meter? Well there is a 12% reduction in duty on vehicles that are below 4000 mm in length and have a engine that sub 1.2 litre in petrol and 1.5 (IIRC) in diesel.

    This effort is to match those requirements and compete with the likes of the Swift Dzire, the Xylo Quanto, Polo, Figo and even the much awaited Ford EcoSport comes in at under 4000 mm.

    mahindra verito vibe 02.jpg

    Interiors have been taken over from the Logan/Verito, however are a better shade of grey than the beige that was used earlier in the Logan.

    Seats are wide, and look quite flat to be honest.

    mahindra verito vibe 03.jpg Interior space has been a USP of the Verito/Logan, and minimal changes to the cabin ensure that it carries on to the Vibe as well. The rear seat angle does look really comfortable. This being the top model, I miss an arm rest in the middle.

    mahindra verito vibe 04.jpg

    This angle reminds me so much of the Ford Focus when it had been launched. The rear is a love-hate relation.

    However one good thing that Mahindra has done is to ensure the boxy-ness styling of the Verito. Thankfully they have not tried at rounding off anything or giving the car any curves.

    The high mounted number plate with the black cladding in the middle of the bumper does give it a sporty rear. The lip bulge on the boot also adds to this effect.

    mahindra verito vibe 05.jpg

    Smart alloy wheels remind one of the Alfa Romeo/Fiat style of wheels. But definitely refreshing. However don't gel that well with the whole design of the vehicle.

    mahindra verito vibe 06.jpg

    Mahindra's new font for their Name. The rear is a better sight than the front.

    mahindra verito vibe 07.jpg

    Three headrests indicate Mahindra's intention of selling this as a comfortable 5 seater, which many other cars in this segment cannot. However the interior space and width of the Logan/Verito/Vibe allow for 3 abreast seating with ease.

    mahindra verito vibe 08.jpg

    Provision for rear speakers, heated rear windshield. Usable parcel shelf. Not bad, Not bad at all. However a rear wiper is a serious omission since nearly all the other vehicles in the segment have it.

    mahindra verito vibe 09.jpg

    Is it just me, or are the panel gaps quite a bit?

    mahindra verito vibe 10.jpg

    Coming back to a familiar front

    mahindra verito vibe 11.jpg

    The dull grey effect works really well. This Hatch will look cool in White/Pearl White or Black/Grey.

    mahindra verito vibe 12.jpg

    View from the passenger's side.

    mahindra verito vibe 13.jpg

    If you notice, both front seats are pretty reclined and all the way rearward. Notice cup holder for the rear and decent leg room.

    mahindra verito vibe 14.jpg

    The Black cladding on the rear spoiler. This is begging for a dual exhaust :p

    mahindra verito vibe 15.jpg

    A final Parting shot!

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    Very Sporty looks .. though the body frame look like that of an 800 on the rear :p

    Blur out the Licence Plate ..

    This is a demo car.. those look like price sheets in the back in Pic # 8

    In Pic # 6 is the exhause pointing downwards ? :)
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  3. JD666

    JD666 RAID Leader Staff Member

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    Yep the exhaust is pointing downwards.

    Hey it was standing in a parking lot. I am sure there is nothing against taking pics of a car in an empty parking lot!

    Sharp catch on the pricing. I din't even see it until you pointed it out!

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