Making Margaritas at home

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    Pretty easy to be honest. All you need is Tequila and a triple sec, some lemon and you are good to go.

    Best bit about Margaritas is that you don't really have to use the wide mouth glasses, that they are generally served in. Margaritas can be had in smaller glasses, or regular wine glass even, if you do not have the wide diameter glass.

    What you need?

    - 1 measuring cup/peg measure
    - Tequila - I used Camino
    - Triple sec - Cointreau
    - lemon juice
    - salt
    - slice of lemons
    - ice (with mixer to crush it).

    Portions -

    Generally it is 1 each of Tequila, Triple sec like Cointreau, Lemon juice. To reduce the Alcohol strength, or to make it lighter, you can always increase the lemon juice, or ice.

    I mashed up a few cubes of ice in the mixer (Using the chopper blade). There are alternates to crushing ice, find what suits you best.

    Then I mixed the 3 ingredients in another glass.

    Rubbed a lemon slice around the rim of the glass.

    Spread some salt in a plate, and ran the rim in the salt, till sufficient amount was stuck to it.

    Poured the crushed ice

    Poured the mixture on top

    And voila -


    The ingredients -


    40% by volume Camino Tequila.


    Cointreau - Smells like oranges. Has a very distinct flavor. Note - It's pretty expensive, so go easy on the measures.


    Lemon juice/seasoning. You can endeavor to be authentic by squeezing out your own lemon juice (One regular drink will need about 30 ml of it), or use commercially available alternates.

    Commercially available alternates it is.

    Do give it a go, and let me know how it turns out. Margaritas can be had probably any time of the day, and by anyone, no discrimination :)

    A parting shot, that the Chilli Bacardi wanted to be a part of -


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