Mobile Camera comparison - iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s vs Lumia 1020 vs Nokia 808 vs N8 vs LG G3

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    and a BlackBerry Z30 thrown into the mix for good measure :D

    This was a long pending task that was due since December, but finally broke ground a couple of weeks ago.

    Testing methodology and setup -

    A CapDase Tripod stand was used for all phones. The only difference was that the Lumia 1020 was mounted using its Camera grip onto the same tripod, sans the camera clip.

    • All phones were used in Auto Mode
    • On-screen focus (where available) was used
    • 4 photographs were taken - Daylight standard, Daylight full zoom, Night Standard, Night full zoom.

    The devices and specifications -

    1) iPhone 6 - 8 Mega pixel - 3264x2448 resolution, f/2.2 aperture, 1.5 micron pixel, Natural tone LED flash. Sensor - 1/3"

    2) iPhone 5S - 8 Mega pixel - f/2.2 aperture, 1.5 micron pixel, Natural tone LED flash. Sensor 1/3"

    3) Lumia 1020 - 41 Mega pixel - (38 MP effective - 7152x5368 resolution, f/2.2, Xenon flash with LED focus light (range 4.0 meters), Sensor 1/1.5"

    4) Nokia 808 - 41 Mega pixel - (38 MP effective - 7152x5368 resolution, f/2.2, Xenon flash with LED focus light Sensor 1/1.2"

    5) Nokia N8 - 12.1 Mega pixel (4000x3000 resolution), f/2.8, Xenon flash. Sensor 1/1.86"

    6) LG G3 - 13 Mega pixel (4120x3160 resolution), f/2.4, LED flash, Sensor 1/3"

    7) BlackBerry Z30 - 8 Mega pixel ( 3264x2448 resolution), f/2.2, LED flash, Sensor 1/3"

    Now the Blackberry Z30 was an after thought, since the device was available :D

    Images -

    All images were resized to the same ratio (Half) so that the compression is same/evident for each one. Higher resolution images for the picky viewers will be uploaded in a follow up post.

    First up - Daylight Standard -

    iPhone 5S -

    Daylight 5S.jpg

    Nokia 808 -

    Daylight 808.jpg

    iPhone 6 -

    Daylight iPhone 6.jpg
    Nokia Lumia 1020 -

    Daylight Lumia 1020.jpg

    Nokia N8 -

    Daylight N8.jpg

    BlackBerry Z30 -

    Daylight Z30.jpg

    LG G3 -

    Daylight LG G3.jpg

    Notes -

    The LG G3 created the largest file size at about 5.30 Megabytes, vs the competition that was between 2-3 Mb. The BlackBerry Z30 incidentally created the smallest file at about 460 kb.
    Lumia 1020 image was the warmest, followed by the iPhone 6. Not much difference between the iPhone 6 and the 5S here. The Nokia 808 had the best detail out of the lot.
    What I felt personally was that the LG G3 had the fastest capture, followed by the iPhone 6. The Lumia 1020 took its sweet time to focus, but the wait is evident. The Nokia 808 packing a dedicated image processor, was snappier than the 1020, and the quality was better as well.

    Next up - Daylight - Full zoom -

    I took certain elements to focus on, to highlight the blur that comes with zoom. However some devices did outperform others. The images are below. Note - No image has been cropped, only resized.

    iPhone 5S -

    Daylight Zoom 5S.jpg

    Nokia 808 -

    Daylight zoom 808.jpg

    iPhone 6 -

    Daylight Zoom iPhone 6.jpg

    LG G3 -

    Daylight Zoom LG G3.jpg

    Lumia 1020 -

    Daylight zoom Lumia 1020.jpg

    Nokia N8 -

    Daylight Zoom N8.jpg

    BlackBerry Z30 -

    Daylight zoom Z30.jpg

    Notes -

    The LG G3 offered the highest levels of zoom, while maintaining the detail. The Lumia 1020 came a close second, though could not zoom as much. The BlackBerry Z30, though blurry at such high levels of zoom, did impress with it's capability to do so.

    The iPhone pairs, offered the same level of zoom and detail, which were not bad at all. The Lumia 1020 and 808 relied more on cropping the image for zoom than actual zoom. This involves a bit of work on the image once taken. A strong point of the 41MP sensor, but involving some work after the image is captured.

    The Nokia N8 did impress with its image quality, matching the 808 purely on image view.

    Third Comparison - Night shot -

    All devices were kept on Auto mode, no HDR or Night mode was selected. I had to wait 2.5 hours for the sun to set to be able to get these shots, so I hope these are as indicative of the performance of these devices as the effort in getting them -

    iPhone 5S -

    Night 5S.jpg

    Nokia 808 -

    Night 808.jpg

    iPhone 6 -

    Night iPhone 6.jpg

    LG G3 -

    Night LG G3.jpg

    Nokia Lumia 1020 -

    Night Lumia 1020.jpg

    Nokia N8 -

    Night N8.jpg

    BlackBerry Z30 -

    Night Z30.jpg

    Notes -

    The Nokia 808 fared the best in this round. The night sky glow (at the top of each image) which is blackened out by the iPhones, was clearly visible in the images taken by the Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020. The LG G3 did not do too well here. The age of the Nokia N8's imaging capability was evident by being the worse in the lot. The BlackBerry Z30 was worse than the LG G3, but better than the N8.

    Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S were evenly matched in their image quality. The slightly darker image did help maintain the crispness, but did lose out on some detail that the Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020 captured.

    Final Round - Night mode zoom -

    All devices were set to full zoom, and images captured. Again as before, no special selection was made.

    iPhone 5S -

    Night zoom 5S.JPG

    iPhone 6 -

    Night zoom 6.JPG

    Nokia 808 -

    Night zoom 808.jpg

    LG G3 -

    Night zoom LG G3.jpg

    Nokia Lumia 1020 -

    Night Zoom Lumia 1020.jpg

    Nokia N8 -

    Night Zoom N8.jpg

    BlackBerry Z30 -

    Night Zoom Z30.jpg

    Note -

    The iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S again surprisingly had the same level of detail, with the iPhone 6 bettering the iPhone 5S slightly. The Nokia Lumia 1020 was the real surprise here, with superb detail even at full zoom. The LG G3 came a close second. The Nokia 808 was crisp, however limited on zoom, again relying on cropping to process the image.

    The image would be impressive none the less, but this test was aimed to be an out of pocket shoot out. The N8 is washed out and though the BlackBerry Z30 impresses with the level of zoom, it is blurry and not clear.

    These images have been taken with each device mounted on a tripod, so that there is no shake/vibration from the hand when capturing.

    Verdict -

    In no particular order of preference, the following are my personal thoughts after running the above tests.

    - The iPhones are closely matched (when compared to each other), so if you are looking at buying them for imaging, it is more about the size/speed rather than the camera. We had mentioned the same in our iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S comparo.
    They do run a close second to the 41 MP sensor Lumia 1020 and Nokia 808.

    - The Nokia 808 is the revelation here, besting its own successor the Lumia 1020. A dedicated image processor and a bigger sensor over all does help it a lot. Plus it's a lot easier to focus and capture when shooting from the hip.

    - Ease of capture, still goes to the iPhones, since you just gotta whip them out and capture an image.

    - The LG G3 impressed a lot with its speed and image quality. Marginal improvements needed. The Zoom is amongst the best here.

    - The Nokia N8, my favorite phone, is sadly a has been. The 12.1 MP sensor is out fielded by the competition. It's final fortress is the night capture, which thanks to the Xenon flash, is impressive to say the least.

    - I wanted to do a Dark/Flash mode capture, but then that would've been unfair to the iPhones and the LG G3 since all 3 Nokia devices - 1020, 808 and N8 pack a Xenon flash. And the images are at par with any point and shoot camera (the Lumia 1020 and 808 better) in the dark with flash on.

    - The BlackBerry Z30 is a major improvement over previous BlackBerry device cameras. However it won't be winning any imaging awards soon. What does impress about it, is the speed and focus ability, which is not quite expected from a BlackBerry device.

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    Disclaimer 2 - All phones are my own devices or belong to friends. No incentives of any sort, this is as honest as it gets.

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