Mohit Chauhan Live in Concert

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    So as part of the wifey's Happy Birthday Surprise, I had booked tickets for a concert Summer Symphony which was featuring Mohit Chauhan, Atif Aslam and some new girl, Neha Kakkar.

    summer symphony 2014 Dubai.jpg

    This was a first time event for the company Trigger events. The concert was scheduled to start at 2000 and end at 0300.

    A good thing about attending live concerts here in the UAE is that you do not have to bother with someone haggling or heckling the ladies with you. Hell, a bunch of ladies could easily go and enjoy a live performance without anyone leeching or leering at them.

    We reached the venue at about 2230, and found that though the program was well underway (2.5 hours) just a DJ was playing (DJ Hani). Which was sad to be honest. He tried his best to put out some good numbers and mix em well, but it was all run of the mill stuff, nothing that really stood out.

    There were arrangements for snacks and alcohol, so we had a few beers and made ourselves comfortable.

    Thankfully around 2300 the Emcees came on stage and started their regular chit chat while the band set up their equipment.

    We were thrilled to hear that Mohit would be the first one to perform, since that was the performance that we were looking forward to.

    He was on stage at 2315 and opened with a beautiful, Jo Bhi Main from Rockstar. Totally worth it!!

    After that it was one number after the other.. The ones that I remember enjoying were Dooba Dooba rehta hun. Especially the fact that he simply sang and played the guitar, doing an extremely chilled out unplugged rendition. Also the main fact that I personally like Mohit is that when he is singing, he is singing. There are no lip syncs, no minus one tracks here.

    I recorded a few other songs that i'll be posting below, but the fever and the excitement he created with Sadda Haq and Nadaan Parinde, was unbelievable. It is true, a video can never do justice to a live performance.

    The fever, the fervor, the excitement, the feeling of the sound and music reverberating thru your body, nothing compares to it.

    He sang over a dozen songs in a performance lasting over 1.5 hours.

    Atif was on next, and trying to out do, or keep up with his "rockstar" image, he came running on stage with a rock number. The only issue was that the sound was not balanced correctly, and it was too loud to enjoy anything.

    We stuck around till his second track that was "Doorie" and after that decided to be as Duur as possible from the stage, since the sound was too garish and painful.

    This was something that I noticed about MC, he was constantly giving instructions and signals to balance the sound. A number of times his feedback ear piece was not working correctly and he had to keep adjusting it. Sign of a good performer who ensures that everyone hears the music as intended.

    The other downside was the way the event was planned. Two DJs open from 8-11pm and then the biggest star, Mohit and then Atif to follow. By the time we left, it was around 0130 am, and you could see people getting restless and gathering up to leave.

    Which is sad for the new comer Neha Kakkar, since a) we never got to see her onstage (we were guessing she might do a duet or two with each one of the main stars). b) she was scheduled to perform right in the end, which would've been basically for the people who were too drunk to move, the waiters, attendants, guards and event staff.

    All in all, a totally worth it evening!

    Sadda Haq. I actually wanted to sing along so stopped recording :D

    Tum ho -

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    summoning dbg for better formatting. and resharing this stuff.

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