Nissan launched Datsun Go, Return of the front bench

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    Yep, This car can supposedly seat not 4, not 5 but 6 people!

    With the return of the bench seat in the front, it allows for 3 across seating easily.

    Expected to be priced below 4.0 Lakhs and targeted at the Hyundai Eon, Alto K10, A-Star, Estilo, Spark and the like, Nissan revealed the first Datsun in over 30 years in India yesterday.

    The engine would be shared with the Micra 1.2 L, however could be tuned for more efficiency and hence lesser power.

    Styling is conservative, which is considered good for India, since people do not respond well to designs which are too over the top. The interior packaging is probably the only major highlight, with the gear shift onto the dash board, freeing up a lot of space for the front passengers.

    Only thing missing is a seat belt ( or probably it's there ) for the front passenger in the middle.

    datsun go front.jpg
    Datsun go rear.jpg

    datsun go inside 02.jpg

    datsun go inside 01.jpg
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