Review OnePlus X - Onyx Black

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Mar 8, 2016.

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    And what a lovely black it is. OnePlus have really made a beautiful phone.
    The X was recently purchased by a friend, who is already using a OnePlus One, for secondary device duty. And I get to play with it!

    First up unboxing, then some benchmarks, and in about 2 days after playing with it, I'll put some camera samples as well. (The Redmi 3 should be here by then for testing ;) )


    Dunno who started it first, but the box is very Apple'sque and in a similar manner, the top is hard to pull off, so you have to patiently wait for the bottom to release itself.

    An embossed X is the only give away on the top of the box.


    And the model name on the side.


    This is known as the ONE E1003. - Created together with our fans. Interesting tag line.


    Hello Beautiful. The device is striking to look at.


    The back also comes with a protective sticker. This is however to be retained, due to the IMEI details on it.

    Time to be "greedy cowboy" (TBBT reference) :D


    First time I'm probably posting the back of the device before the front. Damn, that is one beautiful finish. You almost don't feel like touching the panel, since you know your fingerprint will blemish the appearance.


    Love the way the light reflects off it. This is a fingerprint magnet, period.

    the 1+ logo in the middle could've been slightly duller keeping in mind the understated, classy design of the OnePlus X. But then that's just me.


    I love the fact that the 13MP F2.2 camera sits flush with the body. The initial speed and response were at par with the OnePlus One. Will know further once I bench it versus the iPhone 6S/A3/Redmi 3.


    With its elder/older brother, the OnePlus One. The X definitely looks it it belongs to a different product line, not what the One is from. The Two is more at par here.

    The difference in bezel is evident when I power up the screens. The display on the OnePlus X is vibrant, colors are deep and rich vs the OnePlus One. The AMOLED display makes the difference evident here.


    The front glass and the rear panel curve into the metal frame seamlessly. The sides are good to touch and hold as well. Here you see the slider for notifications/sounds on the left side. This can be toggled to one of three positions (Top-Mid-Bottom).


    The right side has the power, volume rocker and the SIM/SD Card tray. This is similar to what I've used on the Nokia X2 (IIRC). The buttons are distinct, and it would be hard to press the volume rocker erroneously once you get used to the device.


    Noise cancellation Mic and the headphone jack on the top.


    The Dual Grille design but single loudspeaker underneath.


    The rest of the retail package contains a charger, cable and a container that has a silicone cover and a SIM tray release pin.


    A nice touch indeed. The X comes with a screen guard fitted. So you don't have to run out and buy accessories for it.


    A 2Amp charger and a quality Silicone cable is present. However the cable color is not to my liking, since Red definitely does not go with a stylish black phone. The quality of the cable does win it for me.

    I ran a quick Antutu bench, and the score was 48,XXX. Slightly surprising, considering that this is nearly the same as the OnePlus One, and that manages a 50,XXX + score easy. Perhaps slight differences in the ROM and R/W speeds.

    More to follow.
  2. JD666

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    The OnePlus X comes in at about 3,800 INR more over the Redmi 3 (12,700 currently for the Redmi 3). The SnapDragon 801, though is no slouch, even though it is limited by 32 bit architecture. Where I rate the OnePlus X highly over the Redmi 3 is in the overall build quality and finish. The Camera on the X is superior as well. The Redmi scores on battery life and the UI. The UI of the X leaves you longing for a slightly smoother flavor.

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