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Discussion in 'PC Hardware and Software' started by SumitB, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Here's the deal. Am looking for a hardware router based on pfSense with the following requirements:
    1. 24/7 operation
    2. Small form factor
    3. Minimum power requirement.
    4. Needs to have at least 5 NICs.

    I was contemplating getting something imported but the costs were prohibitive and I will also not have any warranty benefits. Searched further and came across the Gigabyte C1037UN for about 4.5k. Now this would be a perfect mainboard for this build if this came with 2 or more PCI Express slots so that I could plug in 2 dual NIC cards.

    I am completely out of the PC Hardware scene for a while now and don't know an iota of knowledge of what's available in the market.

    I am thinking that if I can get some mainboard which comes with an embedded CPU and dual NICs or even a single NIC but with 2 PCI Express slots, I can use that and get a PICO power supply and be set.

    Please advice. Keep in mind that it has to be as cheap as possible and if possible, fanless to ensure that the system can be noiseless and work and survive in harsh operating environment.

    I will probably use a pen drive or a cheap SSD to run the OS. I think I can have this system up and running for under 15k.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Buy any router which is capable of running dd-wrt and then reprogram it.

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